iPhone 5 Warranty Change, Going Global

iPhone 5 Warranty Change, Going Global

Apple will be making changes to the warranty available for the iPhone 5 starting Sept 27, the site mobileIndian.com reports.  Currently, iPhones are covered under Apple’s  warranty, but  only  in the country of purchase, so if a family member in Britain, sends a niece an iPhone in Canada, the device is only under warranty when on British soil. Apple has since decided to take iPhone 5 repair and support warranty coverage global.

Apple has announced they will expand the warranty for iPhone 5 so that each device is covered no matter what country it ends up being used in. At the time of this report, there was no information available on the status of current iPhone 5 owners’ warranties.

As a caveat, owners, and potential owners, should be aware this global warranty is an exception to Apple’s normal policy on iPhones. It appears that there are no plans to backdate the global warranty coverage to previous iPhone incarnations.  Also, this change in policy only covers one current iPhone 5 model number, the A1428 GSM, so pay attention when shopping for your device. The warranty will only be effective in certain countries at launch, gradually spreading as Apple comes to terms with local laws, etc.  This course of expansion is to be announced, but for more information and to check the status of your warranty, see your local Apple store or check online.

This is not the first time Apple has made changes to the way it deals with customer product repairs. In May 2013, Vice-president Tara Bunch announced a major revamping of iPhone repair policies. Previously, broken phones were replaced with re-manufactured devices. With the announced changes, Apple customers could have their devices sent in for repair and returned to them.  Some repairs can be done onsite at many Apple stores and employees are trained to replace speakers, batteries, receivers, and even the vibrating motor. In June, Apple store capabilities expanded to include display replacement and by July they were equipped to deal with the sleep/awake button and the logic boards. Apple store employees also have advanced diagnostic tools to help diagnose iPhone issues remotely and relay that information to technicians at repair depots. This creates a faster turnaround for iPhone customers, reuniting them with their beloved devices faster than refurbished replacement would allow.

Apple currently offers 90 days phone support with each product, but the policy changes hint at extending this to one year and even offering a two year option. Also, owners can expect to be trained to use their device like Mac users in-store (One to One). There’s also a push to shift the warranty focus from device specific to owner specific. These changes do not appear to be slated for iPhone 5 only, but check with your local rep to be certain.

iPhone users are as loyal as Mac users to the Apple brand. This switch in policy and procedure stands to build upon that loyalty and increase it. Warranty changes to iPhone 5 may eventually be applied to older models, but only Apple can confirm and verify eligibility for the upcoming global warranty and for the changes announced in May.


Written by:Brandi Tasby



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