iPhone 5S, 5C and iPad 5 Set for Announcement September 10

iWatch announcement doubtful

iPhone 5S, 5C and iPad 5 Set for Announcement September 10

Tomorrow, Apple has scheduled the event for this years most anticipated announcement. While reports from Apple have remained shushed, there are many outlets reporting an amazing line-up to be revealed. The iPhone 5S is rumored to stand for Speed or Security. Reports indicate the iPhone 5S will be over 30-percent faster than its predecessor. The iPhone 5C stands for Color and Cost, as the iPhone 5C will be more affordable than the 5S and have a plethora of colors for choice. Finally, the iPad 5 rounds out the triple threat of Apple. The iPad 5 is rumored to be slimmer than former models and much lighter.

One item not known on the list is the iWatch. Earlier this year, reports surfaced the engineering team suffered some framework roadblocks. The team was forced to go back to the drawing table and figure out the kinks. Sources close to Apple suggest, more than likely, if the iWatch makes an appearance, it will be more on the big screen for a future “it’s coming” date. Tomorrow’s announcement will bring excitement, and a need to whip out the credit card. Currently, sources close to the event set-up remark the phones may not be available for pre-orders until the 20th. Other sources stated it may go to pre-orders tomorrow, right now, that is a big question.

With the announcement of the three big items, some are curious to understand what features and specs to be aware of. While, Apple has not confirmed specific details, unnamed sources certainly have. Let’s have a little fun with what has been shared:

iPhone 5S

New colors for iPhone 5S
New colors for iPhone 5S
  • Dual LED Flash
  • 1080p HD Video Recording
  • Fingerprint Sensor (this is now in question, Apple may await iPhone 6 version)
  • Extended battery life- up to 250 hours stand-by
  • Graphite, gold may join black and white
  • Upgraded quad-core

iPhone 5C

A rainbow of iPhone 5C phones
A rainbow of iPhone 5C phones
  • During their announcement invite, Apple teased about the event “brightening” up a day. This alludes to the color variations for the iPhone 5C. Colors such as melon, yellow, cyan and more is expected to be announced with the iPhone 5C. This is truly an innovative step for Apple.
  • The downside of the iPhone 5C rumor mill? Sources are suggesting Siri may not be available for the 5C, this would allow a price reduction on the price of the phone.
  • The iPhone 5C may be plastic which is a retro approach for Apple. The last plastic iPhone was the 3GS. The body in addition, will be thicker than the iPhone 5S.
  • The internal specs are rumored to be similar to the iPhone 5S.

iPad 5

Slimmer design coming for iPad 5
Slimmer design coming for iPad 5
  • Thinner glass, slimmer frame and lighter than the iPad 4.
  • Upgraded rear megapixels camera.
  • Slate, gray and gold may join black and white for color options.
  • Dual speakers for the iPad.
  • New volume buttons.

Anticipation of Apple’s event has been hitting the tech industry, tech fans and Apple fans for nearly several months. Hopefully, the event will live up to the extensive hype that has dominated blogs, papers and stories throughout the web. As the event unfurls tomorrow, updates will be on-going. Be sure to bookmark the technology section to be kept abreast of the Apple announcement.

The iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPad 5 are set to make the announcement list. Of course the star of the show will be the improved iOS 7 and its tremendous features. Don’t contact carriers and go insane on the Apple store employees. This information is never disclosed to carriers or Apple employees. The executives keep the items very close to their chest and the employees will have no information, until announced to the public. Will you be waiting for the time of the announcement?

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