iPhone 5S Gold Sells on eBay for $10,000

iPhone 5S a goldmine on eBay!

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Want the hottest iPhone 5S color? Gold is selling like hotcakes and it seems those who were able to nab the most wanted color is making a financial payback in spades. One United States seller papakar (who luckily has 100 percent positive feedback) sold their iPhone 5S Gold for $10,100 on popular auction site, eBay. Below is the proof of this jaw-dropping bid and win. There were 51 bids that begun fiercely Sunday and ended in a stunning win on the 23.  For those curious, no the iPhone is not made out of real gold.

There is one very happy U.S. based seller
There is one very happy U.S. based seller

Seller papakar is not alone in his venture for big dollars from the iPhone 5S Gold. Keep in mind, Apple has not announced stopping production nor have their indicated there is a massive delay. Overall, much like its predecessor, the iPhone 5S Gold is shipping in 21 to 28 business days. This only makes the bidding war confusing for some and angering for others. Speaking to an avid eBay buyer she stated “this is ridiculous! If you’re so bored with your money, open up a business and create your own gold phone!” There may be many who agree with Sharon M. from Ohio.

The chances of another $10,000 iPhone 5S Gold reaching a win is rare. It seems the rumors of getting big money has surfaced and holders of the golden ticket phone have hit the auction site. There are sellers with a multiple amount of bids gaining over $4,000. With the review of these sells now exploding, scammers may start sniffing out a way to steal the money from promising buyers. There are great hints and tips for review.

Detect An eBay Scam

  • Check the feedback ratings. Sure, there may be a typical dispute of one or a few instances. Read the feedback, if a majority of results show SCAM! Alert fraud seller! It may be wise to leave the scene of that seller’s market. While it would be nice to find a 100 percent seller all of the time, read the feedback!
  • If a seller is promoting their $1,500 iPhone 5S Gold today, yet their feedback score is under 100, step away. If it is a brand new seller, reconsider buying from the seller, unless they can provide verifiable information. Dropping an e-mail to get a response should also cease any concerns.
  • Check the payment methods accepted. It is always suggested to avoid Cash – Wire Transfers. This can typically lead to a scamfest. The whole “I have sent you a money order for $5,000- cash it and send me back the rest,” is the biggest scam running. Use Paypal- it is free to create an account and is the safest route without releasing personal information.
  • Probe and ask questions! An eager seller will be willing to respond and provide information.

The eBay Craze

eBay is a fantastic source to purchase items, at typically reduced pricing. Except in the case of the iPhone 5S Gold. The phone retails $649.99, yet the start price begins at $1,500 and is selling roughly upwards of $4,000 and more for the phones. If a customer is an avid buyer and lover of all things Apple and just needs an iPhone 5S, visit eBay. The site will show buyers some great options available today. Happy Shopping!

Want the hottest phone in demand? Hit eBay.
Want the hottest phone in demand? Hit eBay.
The viewers per hour keep the sales hot.
The viewers per hour keep the sales hot.


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