iPhone 5S Release May Lead to Short Supply

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China released the iPhone 5S today and it sold out in record time. There are many frustrated consumers overseas, grumbling about the growing waiting time. The iPhone 5C is not in demand and does not seem to have a very large fanbase. Consumers want to get their hands on the A7 64-bit chip of the iPhone 5S. Now, rumors from carriers and retailers are suggesting there may a very big disappointment to arrive on Friday. Many are stating their inventory demands will not be met, forcing them to turn dozens of customers away, if not more.

An unnamed source close to the king of smartphones reported that Apple is unprepared and is facing a severe “constrained” supply. Ouch! This is something that will not only affect customers but the front line employees who have to face very angry questions. Apple offered the iPhone 5C as a pre-order and perhaps as a buffer against the raging wave soon to unleash. It did not seem to hinder the demand and desire from consumers for the iPhone 5S. Now major carriers, the Apple stores and retailers like Wal-Mart may face shortages upon its release date.

Perhaps, before consumers rage the stores and drive the employees into their own level of insanity, they should consider the source. Earlier this year, Apple came under investigation from labor groups, pointing to the failing environment of Chinese workers. These overworked individuals were being forced to work nearly around the clock, permitted a few hours of sleep and back to work. Many complained of health issues and a severe lack of sleep and breaks.

Beijing stopped the sales of iPhone 5S after quickly selling out
Beijing stopped the sales of iPhone 5S after quickly selling out

Dozens of local groups pointed to Apple’s greed but perhaps a further look should be reviewed. The demand of the iPhone is intense, as it is every year. It takes time for engineers to develop significant analysis, changes, suggestions and testing. In June of 2007 the original iPhone was released. The advertising for the product was substantial and it became known as of the world’s most “hyped” product on the consumer market.

In six years Apple has become the top contender of the smartphone industry, right alongside Samsung. To meet these demands, a push for overseas manufacturing occurred. The higher the usage became, supervisors pushed their employees to produce more, faster. With an annual expectation of devices plus the demand of newer and better technology, something has to break. And, it should not be the employees in a factory.

The iPhone 5S as mentioned in previous articles received a lukewarm reception at the IFA. Yet, as the time slowly crawls nearer a boost of interest has seemed to take place. It can be expected that lines will be early, if not starting as early as tomorrow night. Or sooner. The iPhone 4S saw an amazing story of the waiting line. The longest wait in line was 10 days, of course it was also intentional but the underlying fact does remain the same.

Will Apple employees arrive to see eager customers tossing up tents and settling in for the next few days? The iPhone 5 brought a good amount of sales, but opening day customers received their handsets and were happy to walk away with them. Considering a camp out? In doing so, verify an upgrade is eligible, cash is on hand and bring a friend. The iPhone 5S is rumored to not fulfill the demand expected which explains why pre-orders were not accepted. How many people will be lining up for the first ever 64-bit chip equipped iPhone?

Will you be one of the first few customers to cheer your iPhone 5S buy?
Will you be one of the first few customers to cheer your iPhone 5S buy?


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