iPhone 5’s Successfully Hacked

This successful hacking of the device causes concern among the Apple experts.

The Iphone 5's Successfully Hacked

Berlin, September 22, 2013: According to a latest report by the Reuters, a respected German group of Hackers,  the Chaos Computing Club, popularly referred to as the CCC, have claimed that they have been successful in hacking the latest iPhone 5’s, released by the Apple Inc on Wednesday.

Within hours of its release two security researchers from New York, Nick DePetrillo and David Graham, set a reward for the first hacker who could fool the touch id scanner. After their announcement the various groups of hackers started pooling money for this quest which at present stands at a whopping $13,000.

If confirmed that it is true, the CCC will receive this reward. On the other hand the Apple sources are silent about this new and alarming development.

Written By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada