Israel Launches Tuesday Morning Missile Test with US

Israel Admits to Launching Missile Test with US

This morning, Israel admitted to having carried out a joint missile test with the US, its strategic partner, in an airspace above the Mediterranean Sea. The missile test was initially noticed by a Russian radar system. The country and its news outlets immediately began connecting the practice launches with the possibility of a looming strike that might be lobbied against Syria.

Only two hours after the missiles were noticed by Russian observers, Israeli defense spokesman acknowledged the launches as being part of “the testing of target missile Yakor [Anchor] which is used to test anti-missile defense systems.”

National Defense editor-in-chief Igor Korotchenko has called the tests “totally irresponsible” in considering the timing, when “Israel and the United States should have thought better of the grave risks of such tests.” He added that “If Israel chose to act so totally irresponsibly, the United States should have at least used the hotline between Washington and the Kremlin to warn Moscow of such tests despite the current coldness in the relations between the two countries.”

US president Barack Obama has said in recent days that the country’s military is “prepared to strike whenever we choose” and that he is “prepared to give that order,” with or without anyone offering their support.

Written by Chris Bacavis

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