Jack Osbourne Attends DWTS Rehearsal After Wife’s Tragic Miscarriage

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Jack Osbourne was somber as entered the studio for his DWTS rehearsal session. Yesterday, a tragic message was sent from Lisa, wife of Jack Osbourne. The saddened wife shared the news the couple lost their unborn baby on her blog Raddest Mom (linked at the bottom of this article.) Lisa announced she and Jack had lost their unborn child. The saddened actress thanked everyone for their kind words, and is asking for everyone to respect the family’s privacy as they heal from this very painful event.

Lisa was in her second trimester when complications occurred. Much well wishes are aimed to the family as they heal during this difficult time. Many pondered if Jack would be forging ahead with his appearance on DWTS. The rumors are shattered as the son of Ozzy Osbourne entered the studio for rehearsals following his wife’s public announcement. While many may question if Jack should had proceeded, one can imagine the distraction is something the young father needs. A few days earlier, Jack appeared with the other DWTS celebrities on Good Morning America. DWTS will premier the 16 of this month, and Jack will be available for the rehearsals and appearance on the show.

The beautiful family at their wedding in 2012

The beautiful family at their wedding in 2012

The sweet couple were married in a beautiful fall wedding last year and they have one daughter together. Pearl recently turned 1-year-old and is an absolute doll! The couple experienced a painful loss that thousands of other families know all too well. Their lives require positive distractions to continue a path of healing and acceptance. Jack’s way of doing this, is immersing himself into the rehearsals for the anticipated Season 17 of DWTS. This family needs time, privacy and good thoughts. In doing so, Jack is taking a positive step in the right direction by remaining a fixture on DWTS.

The newest cast of DWTS is bringing a tremor of excitement that may bolster the sluggish ratings last season witnessed:

  • Valerie Harper is thrilled to be on the show. As anyone touched by cancer can see what a wonderful step this is for the lovable actress. Harper wants to put on her dancing shoes as a contestant and stop being seen as a cancer victim.
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy! One has to wonder if he will bring delightful bow ties and elemental magic tricks to the stage.
  • Army Wives actor Brant Daughtery will bring a boy next store cute factor to the show.
  • Bill Engvall better bring more moves than laughs with his Southern goodness.
  • Former NFL receiver, Keyshawn Johnson brings athleticism and the big man side to DWTS.
  • Model and actor Corbin Bleu will be bringing a bevy of excited squeals from enthralled fans.
  • Snooki. End point.
  • Recently engaged to Jas Prince, Christina Milian is bringing sweet and sexy to the show.
  • The evermore statuesque Elizabeth Berkley is joining the cast. Foreseen are short dresses and lots of leg.
  • Fun loving and charismatic Amber Riley is joining the cast and has shown how expressively thrilled she is for the opportunity.
  • Finally, former Scientologist drop-out Leah Remini wraps up the exciting season coming.
entertainment, dancing with the stars, DWTS, season 17, jack osbourne, lisa osbourne, miscarriage

The cast of DWTS Season 17

The premier of DWTS will bring dance fever, fans and screams to the stage. For some like Valerie and Jack, it begins a moment to breathe and start again. Jack and his wife Lisa suffered one of the worse losses- losing a child during Lisa’s second trimester of pregnancy. The couple show a remarkable strength and it seems they are ready to place their next step foot out. While Jack will dance into the competition with a heavy heart, he will have the support of his beautiful wife, family and amazing fanbase to become a dancing success.

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