Jennifer Aniston Just Keeps Us Guessing

Jennifer Aniston Just Keeps Us Guessing

The question on everyone’s lips for the past couple of months regarding Jennifer Anniston’s parental status has been, “Is she or isn’t she?”  Could that be a baby bump under that stunning corseted dress, or is her tummy just happy to see some wholesome post movie nourishment?  Tabloids and ‘sources’ claim to know the private life of the We’re The Millers star better than she does, apparently.  But it seems that either way, Jennifer Aniston just keeps us guessing.

Jennifer Aniston, 44, has repeatedly felt obliged to respond to claims of her pregnancy so many times, in fact, that if the claims had all been true, Ms Aniston would now be a proud mother of 25 bouncing babies with several different daddies, according to the variety of previous magazine covers dredged out of archives by Buzzfeed.

Ever since just about every appearance she has made, from the Oscars and the Toronto Film Festival, to the promotion of her two recent films, We’re The Millers and Life of Crime, Ms Aniston has reportedly sparked rumors of the imminent arrival of yet another baby that a ‘source’ has insisted will be arriving in 2014.  Forgive me for being a little pedantic for just a moment, but… (counting slowly with fingers) September… October… November… December… now let’s see… that’s four months, plus the couple of months she must be already, given the bump… Yes, I can now see how the baby would most probably arrive in 2014!

While people are holding a mass debate on whether Ms Aniston is really pregnant or whether she has just eaten a bowl of pasta is really neither here nor there.  The fact remains that she looks happier than she has ever been and is glowing as if a bright spotlight has just been switched on from within.  The woman is deeply in love!  She is clearly ecstatically happy.  After years of experiencing a few bumps (no pun intended) on the rocky road of relationships, to finally find the partner that we are truly destined to settle down with, we’d all be ecstatic too.

Jennifer Aniston Just Keeps Us Guessing
A love match: Theroux and Aniston

And if Jennifer Aniston decides to go to the Cabo San Lucas in Mexico and then cover her abdomen with a towel or a wrap it is entirely Ms Aniston’s business, right?  One might think so.  After spending months working out to a punishing regime and to tone up in order to strip down for a movie, it should really entitle her to a few moments of post filming culinary indulgences, right?  One might hope so. In her shoes, I would not be averse to a little binge after work, either.  I would consider it a reward for all that hard slog.

Yet month after month, cover after cover, we see Jennifer Aniston smiling up at us from the pages, knowingly, or throwing her head back, flashing her pearly whites at the camera and clutching her ‘bump,’ while “Jen: I’m PREGNANT with Twins!”  or, “YES! I’M HAVING A BABY!” is emblazoned across the page in bright, bold ‘shouty’ letters.  Knowing that she probably never uttered those words, it is easy to see why she must be getting pretty fed up by now.  But she does admit that what she finds weird is when she gets approached in the street and congratulated on the twins she is apparently having.

Even if Ms Aniston and her fiancée Justin Theroux, 42, are expecting a baby, it is easy to understand why her representatives from her camp are trying to throw media attention off the scent until she reaches a stage that is considered safe.  And if she does not have any work lined up for the time being, maybe she is just taking a well-earned break to enjoy some down time with the love of her life, while they are busy setting up their beautiful new Bel Air home, complete with chicken coup.

Either way, the only thing remaining is to wish the beautiful couple all the happiness in the world, because both of them deserve it.  It would be the icing on the cake to be granted the child she has said she wants.  She always did, she still does and she eventually will.  But until that time comes, it’s Jennifer Aniston’s prerogative to just keep us guessing.

Written by: Brucella Newman



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