John Kerry Coordinating Support for Syria Offensive [Video]

Kerry Coordinating Support for Syria Offensive
U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry has been traveling Europe coordinating support for the Syria offensive regarding chemical weapons use on innocent citizens. He spoke at a news conference in Paris, France about international support condemning the Syrian government and its president. Kerry previously met with various Arab leaders who support strong retaliation against Syria for its actions.

It is postulated that the attack was the cause of President Bashar al-Assad loyalist and the incident concluded with the death of over 1,400 innocent people of the region. Many opponents have initiated and signed a G20 statement demanding a strong international response to the alleged chemical weapons use upon innocent civilians.

Kerry spoke favorably of the 12 countries that have signed the statement, and believes the American government will likely sign on in support. Francois Hollande, French president, has been in support of obtaining a Security Council resolution for military intervention in Syria.

“On President Hollande’s comments with respect to the UN, the president, and all of us, are listening carefully to all of our friends,” said Kerry. “No decision has been made by the president.” The U.S. has been cautious in its statements regarding military intervention in Syria. John Kerry has been diligent in coordinating international support for any form of an intervention offensive related to Syria.

Russia and China are the major voices in expressing a nonmilitary response to the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons. In a meeting between some Arab and European ministers, Syrian use of chemical weapons have been jointly condemned, but a consensus could not be reached on the use of military intervention efforts.

“All of us agree – not one dissenter – that Assad’s deplorable use of chemical weapons, which we know killed hundreds of innocent people…this crosses an international, global red line,” Kerry said in agreement with Qatari cohort, Khaled al-Attiya.

Kerry made assuring remarks that the American public would be made aware of the actual after-effects of the chemical weapons us by the Syrian government. The White House has detailed footage on the death toll among innocent children, women and men. The American people will have the opportunity to view in detail what the chemical weapons used could do to people.

Members of the U.S. Congress are being lobbied by White House officials to ascertain the viability of military intervention in Syria. Lawmakers and have been meeting privately and in caucus meetings discussing legislation that could validate president’s Obama’s action in responding to the actions of the Syrian government.

As Secretary of State, John Kerry has met with the Arab League and will continue to meet with diplomats in the region for high level discussions. He has been a leading voice from the west in coordinating international support for a responsive offensive to Syria and all Assad loyalists.

By Thomas Barr

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