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Jon Gosselin had originally denied he was working at the Black Dog restaurant in Beckersville, Pennsylvania, stating he was volunteering. Now, he admits he is a server at the hometown eating place to pay the bills. Gosselin stated finding work has been incredibly hard since leaving his once popular TLC show with ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. Of course it can be stated Gosselin wasted his worth on boozing, living the high-life and women.

Jon lied about waiting tables, now he admits it

Jon lied about waiting tables, now he admits it

The reason the once, publicly verbally abused husband, denied he was working does not leave much to ponder about. It has been reported he does not pay any child support. One could almost feel sorry for the down on his luck dad who now resides in a small cabin to keep living expenses down.

Gosselin stated there is little work to find and although he admitted to volunteering, he did not want to further ruin any job opportunities. He sat down with ET and stated he has hit rock bottom “20 times and then” he bounces back to recoup. Gosselin has a strained relationship with ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. The couple discuss matters via text and it is the nanny that meets Gosselin at the gate to pick-up his children.

The couple had their issues but stuck it out for a decade

The couple had their issues but stuck it out for a decade

Gosselin wants the public to know he is not a dead-beat father. He explained his children are well taken care of when they are in his care. He provides for his children directly, in agreement with Kate. The one thing Gosselin did not discuss? The recent allegations from Kate regarding hacking into her personal computer and cell phone.

Kate filed a complaint in the United States District Court in Pennsylvania, accusing her ex-husband of illegally gaining access to her confidential information to pass over to his reporter friend. That reporter friend is none other than Robert Hoffman who wrote the non-best seller Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World released last year.

Perhaps both of these individuals are trying to drain a dry well. Kate’s own spin off show Kate Plus Eight came to a season close a couple of years ago. So, how does a mother of eight get by? Kate appeared in the August People edition, stating she has income from varying sources to pay the bills and it is a struggle. While not specific about those sources, Kate finally admitted it was her obnoxious behavior that may have locked her out of jobs.

On their TLC show, Jon and Kate always bickered

On their TLC show, Jon and Kate always bickered

Many naysayers are doubting Kate’s claims of struggling as the reality mom admitted to receiving free endorsement gifts in previous interviews. In addition, when Jon left the TLC show, Kate continued to reap a paycheck from the network. Also, Kate wrote a book called Eight Little Faces and continued the television appearances. Kate has laughed about the reports of her stacking the cash and states the money to support eight kids dwindled quickly and she is pinching pennies.

Big families can understand the struggle Kate talks about, then again they did not reap over a million in endorsements, television shows, books and another appearances. Kate and Jon Gosselin poisoned their own marriage and made a mockery of their family on reality television. Kate was constantly scolding Gosselin like a ninth child and the meek response he gave attributed to the effect of the cause. When Gosselin was caught cheating, whatever string held the marriage snapped, sending two selfish individuals on their own paths. The children were the only victims in the public game.

Gosselin finally stopped lying about volunteering at his hometown restaurant and admitted he waited tables for a living. The work in itself is nothing to be ashamed of. Millions of wait staff members make their living taking care of patrons and hoping for a decent tip. Overall, one could typically feel sorry for anyone hitting rock bottom, but in this case, one merely has to understand the history to shrug at the response.

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