Justin Bieber Assaulted and Robbed in Canada

Justin Bieber Assaulted and Robbed in Canada

Justin Bieber found himself the victim of an assault and apparent robbery in Toronto, Canada, early Saturday morning. The place it all went down was at a nightclub called Uniun, where Bieber had a gold chain valued at $40,0000 allegedly stolen from him by a “fan.”

Orin Bristol, who is the operations manager at the Adelaide St. W. Uniun Nightclub, stated that Bieber was having a good time and partying at the nightclub when, around 3:00 a.m., a fan, described as a little guy, approached Bieber saying he wanted a photograph taken with the pop singer.

According to Bristol:

The fan was just a small little guy. He wasn’t being aggressive.”

Another account at TheSlanted.com tells what occurred a little bit differently, with a guest at the nightclub says that Bieber:

went down to the dance floor to chat with some pretty girls…when he made his way to the other side of the room he was attacked.”

According to this version of the account, Bieber had to be restrained by his bodyguards or “associates” and “the attacker was then physically removed from the scene.” It wasn’t until later that Bieber discovered one of his gold chains was apparently stolen during the scuffle.

Later, someone from the Bieb’s security team asked the management of the nightclub for more information about the man who allegedly stole the gold chain, but he had been removed from Unuin earlier and no one had any idea where he could be found.

The man from Bieber’s security team said of the assailant:

a guy in a red shirt stole one of Bieber’s gold chains he was wearing.”

According to the version where the man was a fan trying to have his photo taken with Bieber, the pop star’s security forces saw the man as a “threat” and pushed the, supposed, fan to the floor of the nightclub.

Bristol stated:

Security was a bit aggressive. There weren’t punches thrown really; it was more of a shoving match and pushing match.”

Later, Instagram photos of Bieber’s team standing around someone lying on the floor of the nightclub started circulating on the Internet.

Bristol continued, saying that no one seemed to be injured, but some time after, Justin Bieber’s gold chain was lost or was stolen, and that the chain was valued at $40,000.

The police were apparently left out of the whole incident, and might not have even been called to investigate. Toronto’s 14th. Division police stated they had not been informed of any reports about Bieber’s gold chain having been stolen, and they said they weren’t investigating the incident.

Perhaps Bieber’s past interactions with the police had something to do with his being reluctant to report the alleged theft. Whatever happened to the gold chain, it seems at this time that Justin is willing to chalk up the loss of it — whether it was stolen or it was actually lost — to the price of fame.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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