Kanye West Goes H.A.M. Kimmel Fires Back [video]

Fear Always Drives Emotions

Fear Drives EmotionsKanye West went H.A.M. on Jimmy Kimmel and the talk show host fired back on his show. True to Kanye’s character he went crazy on Twitter in a wild and unnecessary rampage after Kimmel spoofed him on his show.

Kimmel is notorious for a good spoof. However, his latest one involving Kanye’s BBC interview sent him over the edge. Kanye sent about 10 angry tweets to Kimmel in less than an hour attacking Kimmel in every way he thought possible. He attacked Kimmel’s character and tweeted questionable pictures. In comedic form Kimmel responded.

Kimmel took to his set to address the wild and crazy behavior of Kanye. He explained to his audience the reason for Kanye’s rampage and told them that Kanye had actually phoned him with threats before taking his disgust to the Twitter platform. Kimmel said Kanye demanded a public apology and said that Kimmel’s life would be better if he did so.

True to Kimmel’s style he paused to read and respond to each tweet. He didn’t necessarily let Kanye have it but he successfully made Kanye look like the crazed maniac he constantly demonstrates through his actions.

Kanye’s behavior, as usual, was uncalled for. He needs help to deal with his internal issues that continue to push him into questionable behavior; whether with paparazzi or fellow celebrity personalities. The harsh reality is Kanye’s anger stems from deep routed fear.

Many psychologist agree that fearful people are known to subconsciously sabotage themselves to avoid dealing with the real, more serious, issues that plague them. It’s harder for celebrities to get help the average American because many times celebrities blow up before they grow up. So there’s this kid on the inside operating in an adult body and on an adult platform that keeps leaking out. Often people would rather invest in masking those fears instead of conquering them.

For people who are ready to tackle their fears here are a few things to consider:

  •  It is always controlled by emotion: It is true that we are emotional creatures but that doesn’t obligate us to be controlled by them. Raw emotions fuel fear in any individual. If issues are addressed from a calm and controlled state fear tends to dissipate. Before jumping the gun and acting in an uncontrolled manner always take a step back and try to see things from a non-critical stance; then you will have a better opportunity to view the situation differently.
  • Fear is not fact based: Fear is always based on a supposed reference and is one of the most illogical things in the world. Fear causes people to be afraid of events that have not even happened; and may never happen. Even if we feel there is a basis for those thoughts they are never factual. Instead, they are based on conversations people have had with themselves without living through it. Fear always capitalizes on ignorance.
  • Fear is derived from one’s environment: There are places that are more fertile grounds for fear to grow and it’s usually a place of disappointment or broken dreams. Fear always attaches itself to hurt people and like a virus begins to affect the atmosphere. When this happens the “victim” becomes a breeding ground for fear to grow on steroids. It’s important to catch the early warning signs and disconnect from those environments to find others that breed confidence and courage.

Fear has single-handedly destroyed more dreams than skill and ability ever could. Many people have succumbed to a life far beneath their potential of greatness because of this four letter word. Kanye is an amazingly talented guy who lives in a perpetual state of fear. He’s a brilliant rap artist and with all he’s accomplished thus far, imagine what would happen if he took the necessary steps to confront and rise above his issues. He would be shocked by the level of peace and satisfaction he could enjoy. Author Marianne Williamson said it best, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure.”

This feud is just a joke for Kimmel and as a result he is actually winning the fight. Kimmel has a stage he takes nightly which gives him an audience and greater opportunity to mock Kanye’s antics. Kimmel even thanked Kanye for the additional fuel.

Kanye may have gone H.A.M. on Kimmel but he didn’t cower in the corner, instead Kimmel picked up his arsenal of jokes and fired back.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)