Kim Kardashian is Back


Miley Cyrus, has all the other stars and starlets, tap to her tune, like the Pied Piper, who lured all the village children to the precipice, the most latest entry in this race, either to the top or the rock bottom, whatever the case is Kim Kardashian is back for good. Take me to be a die hard Kardashian ‘Konfidant’__ I am rooting for her all the way.

Well gals and guys, all of you who thought her a dead weight, news worthy no more, are in for a rude awakening from the Miley Cyrus induced hypnotic slumber.

OMG, Kim has dyed her hair blonde, again. And believe it or not, just within a couple of months after giving birth to a girl baby North West or Nori, as the new mom lovingly calls her; thanks a ton or rather tons to her celebrity trainer , Tracy Anderson, the  chief of the Kardashian clan is up and all ready to give her competition a real hard time.

Forget about Miley Cyrus and her see through out fit at the iHearts Festival; don’t waste your time on Lady Gaga in her birthday suit, modelling for the V magazine; and forgive the tantrums of the veteran Cher; Kim Kardasian, by taking the worn out maxim, that blondes have all the fun has not only dyed her hair blonde but is soon going to show off her voluptuous figure to the raving public.

You read me write__ being a writer, unlike a DJ or a VJ__ I can’t intone you ‘heard’ me right, as pen or rather the key board is my only weapon, the thirty two  years old, bomb shell is going nude, ohlala! Kim Kardashian is really back.

What I really love about the Kardashian girl is that she is as much brains as beauty, if not more. A mom, a fashion designer, a successful business woman, and a television personality. In short for mortals like me an Artemis and Aphrodite, at the same time. No small feat, I bet you.

As if she didn’t have it all, now Kim is after my humble profession, also. Her book, ‘Kardasian Konfidental’ is on the New York time’s best seller list. What we writers dream of all our lives she has achieved on her first outing as an author.

Give me one good enough reason why I should not think of her as an Olympian goddess, sitting on the shiny throne in all her glory. Well, a detractor may say, you imagine too much, not good for your mental health.

Three cheers for Kim Kardashian. Hip, hip, hurrah is my plain reply, she is back.

By: Ifthhar Khanzada

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  1. Lly   October 9, 2013 at 8:42 am

    Hope their show gets canned. I’ve had enough of their dribble

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