Kittens Survive “Miracle” 5-Day Train Ride

Two kittens survive five day journey on train

According to NBC News, two kittens have recently survived a five day transit from Chicago to Edmonton, Canada.

Since the furry stowaways managed to gain entry to the train unnoticed, they were not provided with any food or water for the entirety of their journey. The two adorable kittens were identified purely by chance, after one of the railway employees heard “meowing” sounds.

One of the surviving kittens from the train journey
One of the two surviving kittens, Boxcar Willemina

When the kittens were found, they were immediately taken to a humane society, where upon the workers discovered the young felines to be in terrible condition; they were unclean, ravenous and very nervous of their surroundings.

One of the spokespersons for the Edmonton Humane Society, Shawna Randolph, briefed the media, stating that nobody knows precisely how the kittens managed to sneak aboard the train. She later suggests the cats had been unwittingly trapped aboard the vehicle and “… no one knew they were inside.” In the absence of any food or water, Randolph states “It is a miracle they are still alive.”

However, the shelter is not ruling of the possibility that someone might have deliberately abandoned them on the train.

Luckily, following the hideous ordeal, the two kittens are expected to make a full recovery. According to NBC News, the miracle kittens have since been called Chicago Joe and Boxcar Willemina.

By: James Fenner

NBC News Source