Lamar Odom Shacking Up with Two Women and Smoking Crack


Where’s Lamar Odom these days? Reportedly, he’s shacked up with two young women –at least one  of whom he’s intimate with — and smoking crack cocaine, according to a news article from TMZ.

Odom, 33,  is living in a private home approximately 100 miles from Los Angeles. Today, September 27, is his fourth wedding anniversary  with Khloe Kardashian, but he is no longer living with her, for now, anyway.

Khloe, 29, has put up with a lot from Odom, especially in the past year or so; but, it looks like she may have finally gotten fed up with him. She has changed the display name on her Twitter account from Khloe Kardashian Odom to just Khloe, though she has kept her same username: @KhloeKardashian.

Lamar’s chauffeur is, according to TMZ’s sources, travelling from Los Angeles to the house Odom is renting fairly regularly, buying the crack cocaine and other drugs that the former NBA basketball star with the Lakers desires.

Because of Odom’s ever-increasing paranoia, he demands that his chauffeur keep the quantities he buys at any given time to be low, supposedly so as not to attract the attention of the authorities. But, that means that Odom’s chauffeur must make several lengthy trips to satisfy Odom’s appetite for crack.

Odom, according to TMZ’s sources, rarely leaves his rental home for any reason. He keeps himself cooped up there, with the two young women, partying, smoking crack, and jamming out to rap music.

Paranoia will destroy you

Lamar Odom is awash in a sea of paranoia, always concerned that he might get caught. However, he doesn’t seem willing to give up his lifestyle of taking drugs and having affairs.

Odom has started to believe that people are trying to watch him. That’s why he’s purchased an app for his phone that deletes his texts once they’re been sent and read. What’s more, if someone attempts to take a screenshot of any of his texts, the app immediately sends a message to Odom about it.

Lamar is a ramblin’ kind of man

Odom has lived in three different houses in just the last two months. He has adopted this ramblin’ lifestyle in the hopes of not getting caught by the police, who are likely to frown on his extracurricular indulgences.

Lamar remains convinced that Khloe won’t leave him, but he may not have heard about her changing her Twitter display name, and also writing cryptic tweets such as ”Sometimes you just gotta be your own hero and save your own little heart.”

Odom has defended the Kardashians from comments that his father has made, like that he needs to make a “clean break,” from the celebrity family. e

However, there is no love lost between Lamar and his father. Odom has said that his dad, Joe, “wasn’t even invited to my wedding.” He added that his father was “my downfall.”

Lamar admits that he has only himself to blame for his current problems with drugs and his marriage, but he doesn’t seem as if he’s disgusted with himself enough yet to change his life around, get back into rehab, and stop cheating on his wife by shacking up with other women. It might be too late by the time that he does, for Khloe won’t put up with his behavior forever.



Written by: Douglas Cobb

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One Response to Lamar Odom Shacking Up with Two Women and Smoking Crack

  1. Aidan Walsh September 28, 2013 at 3:24 am

    Crack ruins lives! Thank the C.I.A. for bringing in plane loads by the tons of Cocaine and actually getting away with it on a regular basis…Wake up people to the filth…He can get off Crack he needs to take the first step and seek help…He needs to go far far away from it and go through the coming off and on to nutrition/exercise…He needs support, people on Crack loose their senses and especially their reasoning, they are not themselves while on the drug and people blame the individual and it’s not them it is the addiction…People need to reach out to him no matter how hard that is to do if not chances are untreated death will occur or suicide…One does not stop spending their monies or resources to get a fix they are severely addicted their body must have it! Sad but the truth…Reach out now for this man, even his fans should reach out for him before he looses it or his life…It is serious stuff that over takes lives…Even if it means having someone committed it is not anything to feel less about this stuff tears lives completely apart…


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