Lobster Mutation Saves from Boiling

Lobster Mutation Saves from Boiling
If you were a lobster, and had heard the many legends and tales of your ancestors being captured by the two-leggeds only to be put to death in a pot of boiling water, what might you aspire to be in order to avoid such fabled fate?  Perhaps you might warn each other to steer clear of those human devised cage-traps that cousin Fred was carried away in, never to return?  Would you go so far as dying your shell or perhaps changing the shape of your body?  Apparently, Lola the Lobster – as she is now affectionately called – did just this.  Recently, a lobster in Massachusetts was caught sporting a strange body mutation which has saved her from boiling.

The Maine State Aquarium is the home to many unique lobster species including one that is colored electric blue.  This will be the new home for Lola the lobster with an appendage that looks more like a human hand than a lobster claw.  That’s right, fishermen off the coast of Massachusetts have captured a six-clawed lobster which has been saved from the fate of every other lobster in the bunch.

Could lobsters have started to purposely mutate in order to avoid being eaten?  This is the law of evolution after-all. One thing is certain, lobsters are a lot more clever than they were once supposed to be.  Lobster cages were thought an effective way to capture these crustaceans.  A one-way door is placed in the cage with a delectable meal inside.  Fishermen always assumed they were just not attracting as many lobsters as they could be, but when video surveillance was added to the scene it became shockingly clear just how bright these shelled creatures are.

Here is a video of one lobster coming freely in and out of a trap:

Apparently, the one-way door is no match for our clawed friends.  In and out, in and out they would go “like ants”, by the droves – some camera men reported.  The “unlucky ones” were caught in the cage only due to poor timing.  It is also been reported and confirmed by anyone who has cooked their own lobster at home, that these clawed creatures seem to shreak for several minutes after entering the boiling water.  Well, what would you do?  Does this mean lobsters are smarter then we think?

It seems that lobsters are a lot more intelligent than previously thought.  They can make their way through a maze, leave a cage meant for trapping them, and apparently mutate in order to save themselves from boiling.  Those who have tried more ‘humane’ ways of killing lobsters, such as refrigeration prior to cooking in order to render these little beings unconscious, or severing the spinal cord prior to submersion have found that there are few ways to kill kindly.  Lobsters wake up after their initial plunge and it takes several deep strokes to make it all the way through their tough nervous system.

With the appearance of Lola the lobster, sporting a claw more like a human hand than a crustacean, perhaps the message is being sent that these clawed creatures are more like us than we have cared to think?  If Lola could talk maybe we would find out about the mystical science parlor in the sea where lobsters gather engaging in experiments in order to communicate with the land people, asking them not to hurt their relatives any more?  All we do know is that one lobster’s strange mutation has saved her from boiling, but what about the other lobsters?  They are tasty with melted butter, that’s for sure.  Are there more important things than a satisfied belly?


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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