Los Angeles: Hollenbeck’s Effective License Plate and Auto Theft Prevention

Plate and Auto ThefWhat: News Conference

When: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 11 a.m.

Where: Hollenbeck Community Police Station 2111 E. First Street Los Angeles, Ca 90033

Who: LAPD Deputy Chief Perez, Commanding Officer, Operations-Central Bureau

LAPD Captain III Martin Baeza, Commanding Officer, Hollenbeck Area

LAPD Captain I Gina Sanders, Commanding Officer, Hollenbeck Patrol

LAPD Hollenbeck Area Officers

Members of the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council

Members of the Community Police Advisory Board

Why: Year to date, around 1,000 citizens of the Hollenbeck community have been victims of auto-related thefts. To help prevent this number from rising, the Los Angeles Police Department’s “Lock it, Hide it, Keep it” program will be a key component of this effort by keeping the community informed of the number of vehicle related crimes, grand theft auto and burglary theft from vehicles, that have occurred. This year the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council and the Police Advisory Board, in conjunction with LAPD Hollenbeck Area, would like to further reduce those incidents by providing steering wheel locks and license plate security screws to community members of the Hollenbeck Area.

Contact: For further information please contact Sergeant Minh Nguyen, Officer-in-Charge,

Hollenbeck Community Relations at 213-793-0747.