Manchester United Manager, David Moyes Looks for a Scapegoat

Manchester United Manager, David Moyes Looks for Scape Goat

After a shocking 2-1 defeat of The Red Devils by West Bromwich Albion on Saturday, David Moyes looked for scape goat to blame for his failures and possible subsequent failures, he anticipated might come his way in future matches. Speaking about his next match, which happens to be a Champion League game, he said, “To win the Champions League you have to have five or six world-class players.  If you look at Bayern Munich, they have five or six really world-class players and, to win it, you might have that in your squad.”

He went on to name those teams he believed that had such world-class players. According to him, Barcelona had it in the past whereas Real Madrid may have gotten it now.

“Look at Bayern Munich, they have it. Look at Barcelona, who had it in the past and Real Madrid, who have maybe got it now.”

For him without such qualitative players he knows that his team will find it hard winning the cup. For him, what the Red Devils have now is only experience and several players close to it. 

“That’s the level you have to be at to win it. We’ve not got that yet, but what we have got is experience.”

The Red Devils will have to face Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine by Wednesday for their second game of the Champion League group stage. In their first match, they won Bayer Leverkusen 4-2.

Perhaps, it is because of his belief that his team lacks world-class players will make him easily admit a loss, whenever it comes. For instance with that of West Brom, he said.  “We missed that spark and West Brom deserved it no question. I can’t argue with that.”

He also admitted that his performance with the West Brom was too poor, perhaps because of the same reason, not having world-class players. “Disappointing performance, disappointing result. We never really got up to speed,” he told the press.

“We had a few chances, but West Bromwich held their shape and defended well. They always looked a threat on the break, in the first half especially and even more so in the second half.”

With this, one could understand the scape goat Moyes has created in his mind that allows him to shoulder more easily the failures he was amassing with his team. Currently, the United stood 12 at the league table with clubs like Cardiff City, West Bromwich Albion, and Aston Villa above them. They are just one point above Swansea City, Stroke and Newcastle.

It is worthy to note, this it is the same team David Moyes complains about not having world class players, that his predecessor, Alex Ferguson, was able to use to win his last trophy; before he retired as the boss of the Red Devils.

Fans really are worried whether the team will make it at first four on the table this season. Or, will David Moyes sink them and use the scape goat that the team has no world-class players?  

By Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso  

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