Mass Shooting Shatters Early Morning Silence at Navy Yard

Washing Navy Yard Shooting

According to the Washington Post, there was a shooting on Monday morning around 8:20 AM at the Washington Navy Yard.  Ten people were reported to have been shot, including eight civilians and two police officers.  This figure has since been revised to eight injured and four dead.

A Navy spokesperson said that the shooting occurred at the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters, a facility with about 3,000 employees.

While the police reported earlier that one shooter was “down” and two others were still in a building onsite, the Navy was not willing to either confirm or deny the report.

One of the shooters still at large was reported to be wearing military-style fatigues and at least of the shooters was carrying a long gun, police said.

Numerous street closures occurred in response to the shooting and flights at Reagan Airport were delayed.  There was also increased security instituted in the Capitol.

The White House issued a statement this morning confirming that the President had been briefed about the shooting at the Navy Yard and had directed him team to keep in touch with the Navy, FBI and local Washington D.C. officials.  The White House urged citizens to cooperate with the police and first responders at the site.

Written by:  Nancy Schimelpfening

The Washington Post