Mayweather vs Canelo Fight Bettors Think Will Be a Draw

Canelo and Mayweather face off

Is the fix in? Will the Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez boxing match end in a draw?The latest buzz around Las Vegas, where the much-anticipated and much-hyped fight between Floyd Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will take place tonight at the MGM Resort, is that the fix in on, and because of this, many bettors think it will end in a draw.

Many bettors are betting with that logic in mind, and if it does end that way, they’ll stand to do pretty good for themselves, as the odds now are 8-1 against the fight ending that way.

Though Jay Rood, who is the MGM Resorts  race and sports book director, has called the bet a “ridiculously bad” one to make, as a draw is always a long-shot, we’re taking about Vegas here.


Bettors reason, anything’s possible — and, they just might be right. We’re talking about a city that has an almost legendary past, full of shady criminal activity, involving like point-shaving schemes in basketball games and paying or threatening boxers to throw fights.

Who would benefit if the Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez fight end in a draw?

After all, a lot of people would benefit if the fight does end in a draw. Right now, the fight is believed to be the richest one ever in boxing history; bettors anticipate that a potential rematch, say, occurring in 2014 during the Cinco de Mayo weekend, would very likely be and even richer one for everyone concerned.

If the fight does end in a draw, the fighters win, as they’d get their guaranteed-upon purses and cuts of the pay-per-view pie. Showtime would win, as the fight would go the distance, and they’re showing it and would broadcast the rematch. And, of course, Las Vegas would win, but they pretty much always find a way to win, no matter what the odds are, as it’s their business to win.

Bettors want to join this list of “winners,” so if it takes betting on a long-shot occurrence to do that, so be it.

Though Rood admits that if it does end in a draw, “it’s a real bad night for us,” in that they will have to pay out a lot of money, he doesn’t really believe that will happen, despite the shady history of gambling — especially on boxing — in Las Vegas.

According to Rood:

It’s boxing, it’s always shady. But, no, I don’t think there’s anything sinister happening.”

On to predictions. Most people still firmly believe that Floyd Mayweather will win the boxing match, though Canelo, or “Cinnamon,” (because of the color of his hair) has an advantage in height, being 5-9, and possibly, in youth, being 23 compared to the 36 years of age that Mayweather is, and in strength.


Usually, those factors would mean in the reasoning of most people that Canelo would be the easy victor.

But, both boxers are currently unbeaten. Mayweather has said he has a thousand ways to beat another boxer. Canelo is the one who had to lose weight to meet the 152 catch weight for the fight. Mayweather is thought to be perhaps the wilier and the more experienced boxer of the two.

For Canelo to win, he will have to fight the match on his terms. He can’t let Mayweather dictate the fight any more than he already has. Mayweather will attempt to get any psychological advantage that he can, in this battle of the unbeaten boxers.

Canelo can’t let Mayweather get into his head, and he has to believe within himself that his conditioning and his strength will be more important in the outcome of the fight than the weight he had to lose to get Mayweather to agree to sign on the dotted line.

Will the match prove to be a battle of age vs youth, experience vs strength; or, will it be one in which the fix is in, and where the boxing match ends in a draw?

The fight is scheduled to go 12 rounds, and it’s a Junior Welterweight Division match, with a catch weight of 152 pounds. The titles up for grabs are the WBC, RING, and WBA ones. The boxing match will be tongith, Saturday, September 14, at 9:00 p.m./6:00 p.m. ET.

Is the fix in? Will the boxing match end in a draw? I will predict that Mayweather wins in the 8th with a TKO, but anything can happen. Leave your predictions in the Comment area, please.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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