Mercury Lead Aluminum Toxins We Deal with Everyday

mecury poison

In today’s world, Mercury, lead, aluminum and arsenic are toxins the population is exposed to, in addition to other chemicals.

These toxins are in our food, clothes we wear, and water we drink. Aluminum oxide and aluminum sulphate are some seriously dangerous compounds that are added by our food manufacturers. It is a known fact that commercial beer has aluminum added.

These chemicals perhaps added without the true historical facts of how dangerous they can be to the human body remain a worrying factor. People do not understand the wrong they have done, and when ailments follow the diagnoses remains unknown because the real cause of the problem remains undetected.

A significant source of mercury is from the consumption of fish, from the seawater, freshwater, soils and atmosphere. The related exposure from plants and livestock can contaminate the air, eating foods that have acquired mercury through processing and improper disposal of fluorescent lamps.

Mercury exposure in humans is absorbed via the respiratory tract, enters the circulatory system, and distributed through the body. Causes such as tremors, impaired cognitive skills, and sleep disturbances have been reported. Tremors are the most obvious symptom, emotional instability, characterized by irritability, excessive shyness, confidence or memory loss and nervousness. Mercury causes headaches, muscle twitching and a direct deficiency of performance tests of cognitive functions.

Lead is usually found in household paints, commercial products, plumbing pipes, and faucets. Lead exposure can occur from contact with lead in the air, household dust, soil and water.
Symptoms from Lead exposure can interfere with a variety of body process and remains highly toxic to many organs including the nervous symptoms. It can cause possible permanent learning and behavior disorders. Short-term problems include urinary complaints, stomach cramps, and joint pains, loss of memory, fatigue and premature aging.

Elements and compounds of aluminum sulphate are described as a white crystalline salt used in the paper, textile, and dyeing industries and in the purification of water.

The toxic effects from exposure to aluminum salphate include damage to the brain, kidney and lungs. Dependent on the method and the extent of aluminum salphate exposure, various diseases typically including sensory impairment and lack of coordination are experienced.

Lead and aluminum cause the body and mind to under-perform, and often cause an inferiority complex in humans. This can cause severe personality disorders such as a reaction to jealousy of top performers.

The adding of mercury to the diet can cause people to become suicidal and murderous, with serious behavioral reactions. Behaving in a dangerous manner or venting anger and causing the death of innocent people are a risk that society has to deal with. This strange body poisoning can be the reason and purpose of more violent crimes such as school killings, or isolated incidents of mass murders.

Our bodies as complex as they are, have their own way of dealing with toxins entering, and the body will collect and store the poisons in the marrow, body fat and the brain. When a person experiences an extreme reaction such as stress, related incidents or even minor problems such as toothache will trigger the release of toxins from the stored capacities into the blood stream. Once the poisons are released several ailments.

It is alleged that, in a historical era, people with a psychological problem have become insane from their clothes, or hats they wore only because of the chemicals contained therein. During this time, mercury was often used to cure various ailments.

To succeed of getting rid of these harmful toxins stored in our bodies, research will have to continue, and the governments must take steps to implement firmer controls of the use of these highly dangerous unnoticed poisons we are exposed to daily. We need to know if these poisons enter our environment as a deliberate attempt to control the population, and how we can create a safer world for all.

Written by Laura Oneale

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