Michael Douglas’ Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones Makes Own Appearance in China

Michael Douglas’ Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones Makes Own Appearance in China

While Emmy winner Michael Douglas was walking the Red Carpet and making his award acceptance speech in Hollywood, his wife of 13 years, Catherine Zeta-Jones, was making an appearance of her own, hundreds of miles away, at the opening of a new movie complex in China.

Having recently separated from her husband Michael Douglas after over a decade of marriage, Red 2 star Catherine Zeta-Jones, 43, made her first public appearance on Sunday since their much-publicized split, walking the red carpet, just like her husband.

Only Zeta-Jones was visiting China’s Hollywood equivalent in the Shandong province, for the opening launch ceremony of the Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis and to announce new plans for a brand new $5 billion movie studio and annual Chinese film festival.

Zeta-Jones managed to look cool, calm and collected in the heat as she walked the carpet wearing a blue and red Dennis Blasso ruched mermaid-style dress with a red floral print, a translucent slipover with echoed red embroidery in appliqué, along with matching heels and red crocodile clutch. Her raven hair was tonged and lacquered into large waves and swept over to one side to deal with the Far Eastern humidity.  Like her husband, Ms Zeta-Jones also wore her wedding band.Michael Douglas’ Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones Makes Own Appearance in China

In China it is considered good fortune to wear anything red, as the Chinese believe it to be a lucky color, so her ensemble must have put a smile on some of the locals’ faces.  However, later on the star changed into a figure-hugging, satin emerald-jade strapless gown, with complimentary drop earrings, for her walk down the red carpet at the Wanda Film Production Center.

Other stars were there for the launch, including Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travolta and Kate Beckinsale.  Kidman sported a black and white androgynous look, with black tapered pants and shirt, which was topped off with a white silken-cropped jacket with black and white crossover strappy peep-toe heels.  Beckinsale, also in black and white, opted for an elegant Oscar de la Renta Audrey Hepburn style two-piece, with a loosely modeled 1960s up-do, black hair band and red stilettos to complete the look.

Douglas and Zeta-Jones had announced their split officially back toward the ending of last month.  The announcement had stated that the couple would be taking some time apart in order to reevaluate and work on their marriage.

On a recent trip to Berlin, Germany, Douglas had attempted to play down the fact that the couple was having problems.  In fact, he turned it back on the press, suggesting that perhaps the press was having a crisis, rather than himself and his wife.

The pair, who has two children between them, Dylan, 13, and Carys, 10, are still not legally separated, which might indicate some hope of a reconciliation.  Although they are currently spending time apart, Douglas, in his acceptance speech, took the time to publicly thank his wife Catherine and his two children for all their support.  Douglas still lives nearby, while Zeta-Jones has reportedly said that she will do all she can to keep her children together.

Following Douglas’ bout with Cancer, which he also mentioned again at the Emmy awards, Zeta-Jones, who had supported her husband throughout, had also undergone a tremendous amount of stress as a result and so had to check herself into a mental health facility for the treatment of her bipolar disorder.  When she had to check herself back in for a second time, Douglas, who had reportedly moved out of the marital home, moved back in again, due to his concern for his wife’s health.

Fans and well wishers have expressed their hope for a reconciliation for the couple, in the anticipation that after their re-evaluative spell apart, they can work things out, for the sake of their happiness, as well as for that of their children.  Here’s hoping for their sakes that they do too, because seeing Michael Douglas cutting a lonely figure in Hollywood while his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones makes her own red carpet appearance in China just does not seem right.


Written by: Brucella Newman


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