Microsoft Wants Your iPhone 5

MS Offers iPhone Trade-in

Microsoft wants your iPhone.  According to, Microsoft will start a trade-in program for gently used iPhone versions 4S and iPhone 5. The trader would get at least $200 in-store credit.  The promotion launch date is Friday Sept 27  and slated to run all the way through Nov 3. The credit will be delivered in the form of a gift card that can be used for any product in select Microsoft stores in the US and Canada. The cash incentive is a marketing ploy of course, to lure iPhone users to Windows Phone. Windows Phone

Microsoft has already implemented a similar trade-in program for iPad users, offering a minimum $200 in store credit for iPad versions 2, 3, and 4. That offer is currently running through Oct 27.’s  report had 25 comments at the time of this writing and none of the iUsers are eager to jump ship and take advantage of Microsoft’s offer. Some in Canada cite lack of inventory with local carriers. There simply are not enough Windows Phone with comparable features to create a desire in the iUser’s heart to relinquish their beloved iPhones for something new. Other iUsers denounce Microsoft for trying to buy the market share that they cannot otherwise win.

Apple users are fiercely loyal to the products and the company, forsaking all others and going selectively deaf and blind when the virtues of alternate products are presented to them. Apple capitalizes on this loyalty by continuing to offer market leading sales and support for Apple products. Says one iUser at,  ”Why can’t they understand that most iUsers are extremely satisfied with their products. Apple products have the highest customer satisfaction rates!”. Devoted iUsers are not on the market for any product that is not Apple-based. Steve Jobs may be smiling down on his company.

Customer satisfaction is the currency of corporations. Battles for market share come in a close second but consistently unhappy customers can end a product’s lifespan with lightning strike effectiveness. Anyone recall the introduction of New Coke in the 80s? Let us not forget some misguided network’s attempt to cash in on Geico’s caveman commercials with that ill-fated series. How many episodes actually aired? No one is really sure. No one watched it.

So it goes with technology. If the users fail to purchase and continue to purchase the product, it dies a painful death. Apple is far from dying, continuing to gain and keep their iUsers with each new product. Microsoft’s attempt to lure consumers away with money may work for some. There are always exceptions to every rule. The trade-in offer starts at $200, so it can be assumed that the better condition the iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 is in, the more one can expect to have loaded onto their gift card.

Any iPhone users who want to look into the trade-in deal can check the details of the promotion online.  The small print clarifies that the offer can only be redeemed at select Microsoft retail stores in the US and Canada, and is only good on the mentioned iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.  There is also a limit of one trade-in per person.


Written by: Brandi Tasby


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