Miley Cyrus Director’s Cut of Wrecking Ball Equals Fail (Video)

Miley Cyrus Director's Cut of Wrecking Ball Equals Fail

When Miley Cyrus released her Wrecking Ball music video, her nudity in the clip ensured that it broke records on Vevo beating former record holders One Direction’s top spot. Miley promised fans that when her video broke 150 million views, that she would release “the director’s cut.” This “new” version was released yesterday, September 24. Thus far, the director’s cut of Wrecking Ball equals an epic fail. We have the video below for your entertainment.

The 20 year-old performer had her naked ball riding video downloaded over 19.3 million times setting a new Vevo record. On top of her first record of 24 hour downloads, her first Bangerz single, We Can’t Stop garnered over 100 million views. This week, her Wrecking Ball music video has also topped the 100 million mark.

As promised by Miley, the director’s cut was released yesterday and it contained an additional 14 seconds. It also focusses on Miley’s face, for the duration of the video except for the last 14 seconds which features the director and Miley mugging for the camera.

Unlike her record-breaking suggestive sledgehammer licking original, the new cut has had considerably less views/downloads than the first one. Well under a million views in the approximate 24 hour time period that it has been up. Miley Cyrus’ director’s cut of Wrecking Ball equals an almost epic fail compared with her first video.

It seems that a teary-eyed close-up of Miley Cyrus does not have the same “pulling power” that a naked tennis shoe wearing; wrecking ball riding one does. The former Hannah Montana does not have the same appeal with her clothes on and tongue in her mouth. The sad fact is that the ex Disney television princess has become reliant on the shock value of her career transition.

Cyrus obviously knows this as her next video, for rumored “new” boyfriend Mike Will Made It, has that infamous giant foam finger glove from the MTV performance. The video, 23, features the singer with the finger. Miley has been on a focussed reworking of her image.

The MTV Video Music Award show controversy, with her sexy and overly suggestive performance was just the penultimate phase of her new image. She began the change with We Can’t Stop. The song, with its lyrics about “Molly” and the sexual nature of the entire music video set the singer in the direction she wanted.

Then the MTV number that both dismayed and outraged Hannah Montana fans who did not like the change in Miley. But this change has been brewing for a lot longer than the two music videos and the MTV live performance. Cyrus’ provocative photo shoots, her daring wardrobe, or lack thereof, her new punk goth look and her apparent fascination with her tongue are all part of the new “grown-up” Miley.

The lack of appreciation for Miley’s director’s cut of her record breaking Wrecking Ball music video pretty much proves that a controversial Cyrus, or a naked one, is a more successful combination. As much as media and outraged parents want to vilify the singer for her “lewd” career change, it was seemingly needed.

Miley Cyrus is an astute young woman who knows what her career needs. You can bet, that she is very aware of the fact that her director’s cut of Wrecking Ball is an abject fail. Miley with clothes on and crying is not a popular draw. We have included the video below. What do you think? Does Miley need the nudity, or do you prefer the director’s cut.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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