Miley Cyrus Who Cares?

Who actually cares about the person behind the search queue "Miley Cyrus?"

who cares miley cyrus

Living without cable for the past three years has enabled my mind and soul to explore something that a lot of people seem to overlook these days. Reality. Its what is going on around you in everyday life. The life that you physically live and breath in. Not the one you’re accessing this article through, or checking what your friends tweeted or posted to Instagram. So I ask you, America: Who cares about Miley Cyrus? All I’ve seen on trends since the MTV Video Music Awards show is something new about Miley. So thank you to Miley on behalf of all the writers in America that are making a profit on the famous name. Congratulations, also to her, for doing her job.

Miley Cyrus is an entertainer. Her performance at the VMA’s, along with anywhere else, is nothing but a performance. There has been one promiscuous pop-star after another since the genre has existed. Time after time we watch sweet innocent girls like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera turn into ridiculously sexy symbols of womanhood, but reactions never seem to change. You think people could get a grip on the events flooding their headlines after the second or third go round. Maybe it’s the astoundingly low attention span of people across America that prohibits opening their minds and accepting our young celebrities behaviors.

There are junkie rock-stars out there, and seeing that is nothing new. Seeing a rock star on drugs is like seeing a cloud in the sky, it doesn’t effect your day at all. You may have a remark or two, but they’re not your latest search queue on Google. Is there really a difference between Miley allegedly doing “Molly” and Tommy Lee snorting god knows what off his snare drum? I find it a shame to find that the normal response to a rock stars death is along the lines of “I bet it was an overdose.” While Miley is held to some higher standard and it’s a huge let down when she’s rumored to be on molly. Are we trying to say that it’s okay to do drugs when you play loud music?

What is everyone’s infatuation with this girl? Why do I even care about Miley Cyrus? Did she just so happen to be the right girl at the right time to take over our newsstands as we know them? Was this all a marketing scheme to boost her sales? It worked by about 50% by the way. Or is she just growing up?

I remember watching the older girls in high school that did all of their homework, were the star athletes and club presidents, had a job after school, and pretty much just worked their asses off. All for their parents. I’d observe how well they were at adapting to doing what someone else wanted them to do so well that it consumed their personality at that time in their lives. I also watched them grow up and away from their homes and past lives to go crazy experiencing anything everything they could. They would party all the time, have random hook-ups, and sometimes put themselves in very dangerous situations.

After seeing this in my peers and socially experiencing parts of stepping out of being a classified as a “girl” by radical behavior myself, I have come to this conclusion: thats what happens. Just like with the curly hair wanting straight hair complex, girls are never going to want to be what they are when they realize what they are. Especially at the ripe age of 20, like Miley, women are defining themselves in a completely different way than they ever knew they could. At that age, I used justification in the fact that every girl that age goes a little crazy or gets a little racy. Independence sinks in and reality can be what ever you want to make it (at least until your bills come.) Not to mention the sexual growth most women see at that age. Its hard not to expect something to come from the youth of our celebrities.

Miley has been a star for longer than I’ve even known what I’ve wanted to do with my life, and I’m sure that pressure adds up. You take the ability to get on stage and sing to thousands of people, a teen that grew up with the strictest parents of all (Disney,) and add some raging 20 year old female hormones, with some country spunk you will have a Miley Cyrus. Probably partially due to how we react to her. I’m not saying, “America made her!!” I’m saying, obviously, who cares about Miley Cyrus as a human being? Miley is Miley is Miley is Miley and that about sums it up. People see a celebrity, I see a girl following her dream and doing what she wants to with a whole bunch of people trashing her name in the wake. Come on, if you had that body you’d be dancing in your underwear too. 

By: Jodi Phillips