Naked Haunted House Nude or Prude Gets Nixed

Naked Haunted House Nude or Prude Gets Nixed

Who hasn’t dreamed of attending a terrifying haunted house in the buff? If you’ve ever been caught daydreaming about traipsing around sans clothing while psychotic clowns and chain-saw wielding “Freddys” jump at you from every corner, sadly, you won’t be able to have your dreams fulfilled. A haunted house in Pennsylvania wanted to offer a nude or prude event called “naked and scared” in which people could walk through the house naked, but their plans got nixed by the “prudish” township.

At “Shocktoberfest” in an East-coast town called Sinking Spring, Pa., owner Patrick Konopelski told reporters he was getting a little bit tired of the “same old, same old” routine of jumping at people with fake knives and such. The initial light bulb for the idea went on in his brain when he discovered his children glued to the TV set watching a show called Naked and Afraid. At first, it didn’t click that he could apply the same concept to his haunted house, but then the idea began to take hold. “People are afraid of being naked,” he said, “And, in a way, it allows us to kind of go back to our roots. Instead of animatronics, now I can scare you with a feather.”

Konopelski’s definition of “prude” was rather, shall we say, loose. Visitors choosing the prude option would have had to strip down to their underpants and nothing else. Otherwise, they were being encouraged to go completely nude. There was nothing sexual behind the new plan for the haunted house, he says, but rather the idea was to embrace the fact that one is more vulnerable when nude and therefore the haunted house experience would be a lot more frightening than when walking through with clothing on.

But supporters say the township has now spoiled everyone’s fun by nixing the idea altogether. Local township leaders contacted Konopelski and requested that he rethink his decision. Because he didn’t want to get into an altercation with town leaders, he decided to scrap the plan, but he is frustrated that his vision won’t be allowed to bloom, explaining, “We were just trying to take haunted houses to the next level. It’s not about sex, it’s not about erotica, it’s not about deviant behaviors. We wanted to give our customers the most unique, scary, frightening experience they’ve ever had in a haunted house. When you combine the fear of a haunted house and the fear of nudity, it’s almost like, ‘Why didn’t we do this 10 years ago?’”

He had already sold a lot of tickets online and now has to issue refunds to everyone. He says that the concept was enthusiastically received by many who will now have to make due with wearing clothes to be scared out of their wits. Konopelski says he doesn’t want to make waves or cause any trouble within the township, saying he is a “normal guy” with four children to raise and that his life is otherwise “boring.”

Now that the naked haunted house nude or prude evening has been nixed, those who bought tickets would probably say their Halloween plans have gotten a little more boring, too.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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