National Geographic Photo Assignment Open to All (video)

Do you like to take pictures?  Whether you are an accomplished photographer or an amateur, National Geographic is opening their 125th year anniversary photo assignment up to all.  From now until the 22nd of October, you are invited to participate in a world wide photo assignment opportunity.  This could be your chance to land an image in National Geographic magazine and find yourself receiving other gifts as well, such as a 5-day National Geographic photo seminar in New Mexico – all expenses paid.

What is the assignment?  National Geo wants you to document change and capture evolution.  You have three shots, as each person is allowed to submit up to three images of how you see change.  They are asking participants to be bold, fearless and even scare themselves a little by seeking to capture evolution in the world, the community and even in your own household.  No one is excluded from this adventure.  If you are feeling the calling to take on a new challenge – this may be your opportunity.

Before the holiday season starts, take out your camera and find yourself capturing change in all its many forms.  It could be the changing leaves, your child’s tooth that just fell out, the rain on the window pane or newly fallen hair from a haircut.  Is it change to photograph your neighbors as they pack up the moving van or that earthworm poking his head through the wet mud?  Absolutely!  This is your opportunity to broaden your vision and narrow the focus.  Take pictures and then submit your favorite three to the link listed below.  Here is a short video clip describing the assignment:

Remember, the contest ends October the 22nd at midnight Eastern time. You have roughly three weeks to find the most expressive image of change and submit it for entry. The official rules of the contest are listed here.

Whether the snow is falling or the sun is shining.  Under the sea or under your bed.  Photos of people, animals, bugs or flowers, now is your chance to find the joy of change captured in a single image.  Imagine if your picture was chosen?  Imagine if it was in the top 5?  Maybe just the act of taking the photos and submitting them can bring you to new heights.  You never know what is possible unless you try.

This contest is open to all of “legal age” around the world excluding Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria or the Province of Quebec.  So, besides these slim geographical restrictions, the National Geographic photo assignment going on now through October 22nd is open to all.  If you are feeling the call, pick up your camera and start submitting images today.  “Explore our Changing World” today.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

National Geographic Explore our Changing World Contest