Navy Yard Shooting Another Gun Free Zone Failure

Navy Yard Shooting Another Gun Free Zone Failure
Predictably, the shameless politicizing of a tragedy by the Progressive Left has already begun. Even as the situation at the Navy Yard in Washington DC continues to develop, Henry Winkler, the Happy Days has-been, has taken to twitter to call for more gun-control measures; completely ignoring the fact that today’s events represent yet another gun-free zone failure. David Frum, an alleged Journalist writing for the Daily Beast, also hit the social network to say “In wake of this most recent mass-casualty shooting, it is important that we all respect the feelings of America’s gun enthusiasts. Frum would do well to realize that if one or more of America’s gun enthusiasts had been allowed to carry a firearm into the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, into the school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut or into the Washington Navy Yard, then numerous innocent victims would still be alive.

There is, of course, a legitimate argument that the very purpose of this editorial is to politicize the event. Although it is not easy, in truth, to deny this, it should be remembered that this article points out that existing rules – and those who wrote them – are responsible for today’s casualties, whilst – on the other side of the debate – people are advocating the strengthening of the very rules that allowed defenseless people to be shot. On a moral level, there is absolutely no comparison.

There is an appalling irony to the fact that innocent people in the United States continue to die because they work or study in facilities that deprive them of the opportunity to defend themselves and yet left-wingers use each mass-shooting – almost all of which in recent times, it is worth noting, have been carried out by registered Democrats – to push for more such rules. There is a very good reason that mass shootings do not occur in places where people commonly carry firearms; one can only shoot a large number of people when none of those people can shoot back. Statistics for active-shooter events show that an average of 14 people are killed when no weapons, other than the shooter’s, are immediately present. When others on the scene are armed, the average number of fatalities is two.

The fact that the presence of firearms deters the would-be active shooter or drastically reduces casualties in the event of an attempted mass-casualty attack is so obvious as to be beyond argument. Scenes of mass-casualty shootings have one thing in common; they are facilities in which the general public is not permitted to carry firearms and additionally, in most cases, no armed security guards are present.

The media continues to cover events in Washington DC. The number of casualties, as well as the number of shooters, has yet to be confirmed. Several reports are suggesting that there is more than one attacker. If this turns out to be the case, then this may be a terrorist attack; workplace shootings are always perpetrated by a single individual who is either a disgruntled employee or an individual who is specifically targeting an employee – often a current or former spouse or partner. Whether or not this incident turns out to be a terrorist attack, there is no denying the fact that, once again, one or more armed shooters have been able to target multiple individuals unopposed.

Regardless of where one works or studies, one has the basic human right of self-defense. This right is something of which no federal, state or local government has the constitutional or moral right to deprive anyone. As today’s tragic events at the Washington Navy Yard represent yet another gun-free zone failure, it is long past time that those who call for tighter gun laws present a logical explanation as to how such measures will make us all safer.

An op/ed by Graham J Noble