New iPhones = Underwhelming

New iPhones = Underwhelming
Apple offers a fingerprint scanner (Woop Woop) on the 5S, introduces a discounted C model nobody asked for, and drops the ball on engaging innovation.

Aside from the fact that both C and S models are only incrementally changed from its predecessors, the discounted $100 less on the C model also tarnishes the legacy that price does not equal value with which Apple proudly declared while Steve Jobs held the reigns. The C and S models have the same features except the S model boasts a luxurious fingerprint scanner, a speedy new processor and a slightly upgraded camera.

Then, the questions come fast and furious: Where is the big screen? Why are the off-contract prices still high? Is Al Gore really a board member of Apple? The big screens doesn’t seem to fit the skinny iPhone jean crowd – there hasn’t been any confirmation of any upcoming big screens. The contract prices are telling of the Apple culture – if Apple builds it, they (Apple fans) will buy it. Yes, Al Gore is certainly a board member of Apple.

It also seems the repackaging of the iPhones is part of the “revamping” of the new models. The new polycarbonate casing comes in a rainbow of colors: white, yellow, green, pink, and blue. In testing the new models, one could possibly say how speedy it is or how pretty it looks; however, the features still fall short when compared to other smartphones. Take the Galaxy Note II – this smartphone does not have all the aggressive advertising that the iPhone continues to use effectively, but the Galaxy does get the job done with a ridiculously huge screen, it can be used as a sketch and notepad with an S pen, a quad-core processor, and many other features that is as good, if not better than, the new iPhone models.

However, the iPhone does have the fingerprint scanner and the new S Model has an A7 Processor, which allows for better gameplay. Serious gamers on-the-go do have an advantage when gaming on the S model. Playing games on a graphically challenged smartphone does seem pointless in a world of pleasure vs. business. As the processors from iPhones and non-iPhones are compared, one could find a better reason to go with an iPhone rather than looking at the value and practicality of an Android. Is the S model practical? Maybe. Is it underwhelming? Definitely.

Written By: Dianna Coudriet