Norwalk Festival Ride Leaves 13 Hospitalized

Photo: Christian Abraham
Photo: Christian Abraham

A ride at the Norwalk Oyster Festival in Connecticut left 18 people injured this afternoon when it malfunctioned. Of the total affected, 13 were taken to several nearby hospitals to be treated. None of the injuries are known to be life-threatening.

CBS New York reports that the ride – called the Zumur – was operating normally, but came to a sudden stop after losing power. The resulting centripetal force caused collisions between cars. Miguel Cruz, an attendee of the festival, told WCBS 880 that “The ride lost power, and it stopped, and I guess it caused the swings to crash into each other.”

The Zumur and its closest surrounding rides were all immediately shut down, allowing for an investigation of the accident’s cause.

Stewart Amusement, the organizer of the Festival, has been in business since 1983. “Our first and only concern,” a statement from the event’s Facebook page reads, “is for the well-being of those involved and their families.”

Written by Chris Bacavis