Obama, House and Senate Need a Time Out

Obama and Boehner debate Health CareAsk any mother. If the kids are non-stop bickering, refusing to play nice with others, threatening each other and friends, creating enemies and basically acting like bullies, what do you do? Since it is no longer politically correct to beat your children, they get a time out. If the behavior demonstrated by our president and congress over the budget does not warrant a time out for Obama, the House and Senate, we have no chance in teaching our children to behave.

Our President, mired in his stellar performance with Syria, immigration and gun control no doubt wants to keep a death grip on the Affordable Care Act. It will be his only positive legacy. In realizing this, and his enormous power, he knows at this point in a second term, he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. A government shut down because of my veto? Why not take that chance? Standing your ground is the American way. Except Americans are sick of it.

No one is blameless. The wack-a-doodle Tea Party which has high-jacked the Republican party and made them appear and as weak, spineless silly old men bent on starving the poor, treating women as chattel and killing every immigrant, has succeeded in convincing every dim witted naysayer Democrat that this is the modern Republican Party.

Harry Reid’s constant and consistent buffoonery with recent comments like,  “Republicans are harboring resentment over not winning the presidency or the Senate majority in 2012, fueling their opposition to the health-care law. It’s time to set that anger aside,”

Republicans should “stop fighting old battles” and work with Democrats to prevent a government shutdown. Really Harry? Real Republicans of the non wack-a-doodle variety are actually smiling. Why? Because watching the other party, with the deck stacked clearly in it’s favor, still fumbling to pass a budget, is amusing. And, though you and your cohorts on both sides show voters everyday you aren’t listening, the only thing voters on both sides care about is the economy and their families.

One thing missing from the president and both parties is the opinion of the American people. Somewhere along the line, we have a government that forgets we, the people, are supposed to be in charge. Obamacare has been highly unpopular with the American people. Since 2010, Americans have overwhelmingly been against the plan. It was Ms. Pelosi’s ramming it through that cost her a job. Somehow it didn’t stop her mean spirited rants against the other party. Her time out should be in a chair facing the wall.

Americans believe in debate. We don’t care for personal attack and Ms. Pelosi is a master. After years of slamming President Bush, she claimed the Tea Party were “astroturfers” and carried swastikas. As to her commentary about Obamacare, “We have to pass it to know what’s in it.” What? You haven’t read it? What exactly is your job?

As for Obamacare: additional threats from either side are getting old. Currently, the government shuts down Oct. 1 if the president vetoes the current budget that is to be presented to him. He has vowed to veto. Which begs the question, Does our current president, with our current economy, want to force a government shutdown and rest the blame at the feet of the GOP?

Not so fast, either of you. A recent NBC poll says 45 percent of adults believe the Affordable Care Act will make the health care situation worse; 23 percent say it will be better. Last time we calculated, the nays have it. There’s more. In 16 polls since August 2009, the act has never garnered majority support. In a government shutdown situation a CNN polls shows 51 percent will blame Republicans and a Pew Poll shows 39 percent will blame Republicans, 36 percent the Obama Administration and 17 will spread the blame equally.

Keeping in mind, the Senate, led by Harry Reid, never passed a budget. The Democrats did not pass a budget when they owned the whole thing, lock, stick and barrel. Was that the fault of Republicans?

There is common sense on both sides. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican Leader said on Monday he would not join in an attempt to block the bill. He spoke out against a conservative plan to filibuster. He added, “Democrats have been hearing the same complaints about Obamacare the rest of us have. The spotlight should be on them” It should be on every one who occupies a seat the electorate placed them in, sir.

Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat labeled the whole thing a “train wreck.” He noted delays and exemptions at every turn and asked, “Can we work together?”

And then the president quipped that the Republicans were, “trying to mess with me.” For one day, can this be about the American people and not an individual elected official. Just for one day?

Bottom Line. The Democrats are neither a bunch of bumbling boobs nor all of them well meaning and filled with love and light. The Republican don’t hate the poor and wish them to starve but they do have a fringe that is just plain crazy and should be locked up in the attic.

As for this voter, when the President and the Congress of the United States come up with a health plan they take part in, put their families on and join with the American taxpayer, that’s when my vote will believe it is for the greater good. Until then, this mother would put all of them, Obama, the House and the Senate in time out until they stop their bickering and are ready to behave.

Written by Linda Torkelson