Obama: If Syria Hands Over Weapons, Strike Doesn’t Need to Happen

Obama If Syria Hands Over Weapons, Strike Doesn't Need to Happen

In an apparently positive turn of events, the looming conflict between Syria and the United States may yet be averted. During various interviews on Monday afternoon, US President Barack Obama expanded on John Kerry’s remarks from earlier in the day, saying that the administration would “absolutely” be in favor of avoiding the launching of a strike on Syria if the Assad regime were willing to hand over its chemical weapon stockpile.

The president told CNN that such a scenario is “possible” and that “it’s certainly a positive development when, the Russians and the Syrians both make gestures toward dealing with these chemical weapons. This is what we’ve been asking for not just over the last week or the last month, but for the last couple of years.”

After Russia proposed the same idea to Syrian leaders this morning, officials in the country suggested that they might be willing to accept the offer of diplomacy.

Written by Chris Bacavis


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