Obesity as a Misinterpretation of Body Perfection

Obesity Misinterpreted

We have defined a specific range of body weight in this world as being ‘ideal’, while anything outside of this is considered either over or under weight.  Obesity is now considered an epidemic, and though it is true that weight can influence health and create greater risks for experiencing various body conditions, perhaps we have the whole thing wrong.  Could obesity instead be a misinterpretation of body perfection – just manifesting in a different way?  Perhaps we should un-name it.

Some have said that obesity causes diabetes, others like Dr. Peter Attia believes obesity is more likely to be an effect of diabetes and not the cause.  Many agree obesity makes one more likely to experience heart disease, while society’s praise of the thin and ‘fit’ makes the population of those who do not fall into this category, somehow the “undesirables.”

There have been those in the field of metaphysics who have suggested that weight is merely an expression of the beliefs and mental attitudes one holds for oneself and that body-weight balance can be achieved by simply changing the thoughts and ‘inner voices’ which go on in one’s head.  This is the direction to where I am leaning, but even more deeply.

We are made up of a society where body image is near the top of the list of things which matter.  We choose “attractive” movie stars, talk show hosts, models, sports players and the like, largely based on the way they look – okay, talent is important too – but ‘hot talent.’  Then we put these people up on pedestals as the ones to “be like” and model ourselves after. These role-models influence our youth and the way they grow up and define themselves.  It is also here, in the younger generation, where the idea of “obesity” begins, and also the possibility for eating disorders in order to gain control over one’s weight.

What if we are looking at this whole thing wrong?  All of it.  Even from the standpoint that obesity is something to avoid?  What if it isn’t?  What if the real problem is the thoughts in the heads of everyone regarding the “perfect weight?”  Sure, there are people who are bigger who have negative, toxic thought forms that could use a readjustment so as to reflect greater health.  This is also true in those who are smaller, and even of those whom society would claim are “perfect.”

We spend so much time in the western culture obsessed with the science behind it all – but really the obsession is with the physical science alone.  Some, though not the majority, choose to view the ‘problems’ we face with a greater perspective and an eye toward a deeper catalyst.  Quantum science would point us in the direction of our thoughts as the leading cause of any situation or result.  Quantum physics would have us see the observer as the creator of his or her own story – and this includes body image and size.

Fundamentally, we are all the same, made up of the same molecules with the same cause which has mysteriously created us and put us here.  We all have the same basic needs and desires.  We all wish to be loved and accepted.  Our height, gender, skin color and weight have very little to do with these basic things.  They are like different colors on the canvas of the painting of life.  What would it be like if we only had red paint?  If only one style of brush were used?  If texture was omitted from a piece of art?  Yes, in particular paintings artists sometimes experiment with monochromaticism and the like for fun – but what of over-all sameness in the fabric of life? Do we really wish everyone were the same body size?

Maybe the issue which contributes to so many health problems in those who are considered “over-weight” is not about the weight, but about the mental constructs society has built around it.  What if everyone was seen as equal, perfect and beautiful just the way they are.  In my eyes, this is true.  Everyone IS perfect and beautiful just the way they are – regardless of any outward appearance or seeming “dis-figuration.”  Life would be very dull if we all looked the same and wore the same pant size (though it might make shopping and borrowing clothes easier).

If everyone felt loved and accepted the way they were, perhaps weight would normalize and people would start attuning to the authentic size and shape of their inner being.  Perhaps there is an ideal size for each one of us, but we are prevented from acclimating to it due to the voices which go on in our heads – forever judging our appearance against society and our neighbors.  Obesity could just be a misinterpretation of what is really body perfection – each of us manifesting exactly how we are meant to be.  The health problems which appear to result, could be from the negative thought forms creating the reality experienced by the one on the scale.  Can you see weight in this light?  Oh, be seen – you who are of little or greater weight. . . you are beautiful.  You who fall in the middle and are praised by society – you too have negative self-talk, even though you are accepted.  Let us come together as one people and shed the separation which keeps us judging each other and creating illness.  Let us weigh in as a perfect people in harmony and let’s start today.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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