Pakistan Aftershock Hits Region


Another major earthquake shook southwestern Pakistan on Saturday, taking the lives of 15 more people for sure and causing many others to panic. This Pakistan aftershock hit the region again not long after a first quake struck in the same area and it ended up killing hundreds of citizens.

At the United States Geological Survey website, it stated that the quake measured around 6.8 and hit near the southwest part of the country in Baluchistan.

Tents and other supplies were being given to many of the quake victims in different areas surrounding the epicenter of the earthquake aftershock on Saturday afternoon and evening. People were frightened and dismayed that another earthquake had struck Pakistan again.

Pakistan’s own Meteorological Department stated that by its measurements of the aftershock, they believe it was at a 7.2 magnitude, and that the epicenter was located around 90 miles west of Baluchistan.

A government spokesman by the name of Jan Mohammad Buledi said the citizens killed on Saturday perished from falling debris. He also added that the death count from Tuesday’s deadly earthquake was now at least 515 with that count surely to rise.

There was not much left to destroy by way of buildings after last week’s catastrophe. Very little of the dirt and homemade slab houses in the region were able to withstand the first earthquake, which was said to have measured at 7.7. It flattened whole towns and submerged folks underneath the wreckage. Since that time, over thousands of people have been using the tents or staying outside under the open sky for fear of other building collapse with more aftershocks like this one.  The people also are suffering from heat exhaustion, no clean water, and having to be out in the extreme heat. They are clueless as to what to do and do not know where to turn at this time.

Pakistani meteorologist Arif Mahmood explained to the few Pakistani television viewers that had electricty and working television sets that Saturday’s earthquake was a violent aftershock and such tremors might go on for weeks to come. There is no way to tell if and when they might hit.

The quake which happened on Tuesday caused a new island to be created near Pakistan’s coast. It was quite a surprise that this happened.

Baluchistan is Pakistan’s biggest province but it contains the least population. It has very jagged landscape and there are hardly any good roads to travel on. This has made getting help to the injured very hard for rescue personnel. Pakistani’s Air Force has been using helicopters to get the wounded out and also fly in provisions as they come available.

This is helping the Pakistan people somewhat, but who knows what will happen if another aftershock was to strike Pakistan again? The damage is extremely severe right now. The people do not need any more quakes to hit them. The civil unrest they have to deal with is troublesome enough. Now to have to handle this natural disaster as well is a very taxing burden on the country at large.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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