PayPal Mobile Payment New App Update

PayPal Mobile Payment New App Update

A paradigm in mobile payment is embedded in PayPal’s new app update. It’s a stellar high tech shift poised to override the standard cash and card payment systems everywhere. At one point, this disruptive technology allows you to redeem yourself through the daily grind in moments of occasional memory lapse or hectic rush and forgetting your wallet and smartphone.

The updated app initially demonstrates its ease of use for diners and shoppers in participating establishments when finding menu and location-based offerings. It enables people to check in, order and pay, or order and pay in advance, it saves time and it’s a touch-free transaction.

PayPal members can make the payments by accessing their cash accounts. To use a line of credit, there’s a Bill Me Later option. PayPal lets you settle your bills, track your balance and accept payments, too! It enhances the appeal and buying power of mobility.

Wide range of possibilities

PayPal’s payment innovation in the service industry opens a wide range of possibilities and unmatched convenience of the mobile wallet in e-commerce with optimized applications without requiring substantial investments for both the user and vendor’s POS system.

The company’s mobile wallet innovation tops up with incentives no other payment apps offer such as skipping the queue at checkout, special deals and discounts. These are the kind of value-added features that consumers look for in an e-commerce service.

The downside is, PayPal is an emerging mobile payment service provider and doesn’t have the market size than the more popular credit cards companies have. On the merchants’ side, it’s another growth area primed to accept PayPal’s payment service in stores around the world.

More Advantageous

The app’s new version capabilities let you do e-commerce transactions more easily. As a convenient touch free payment instrument, it becomes a popular choice for vendors and millions of users. For in-store transactions, it eliminates credit card fraud. It liberates you from the anxiety of handing over your credit card to a stranger to pay for your purchase. You’re lucky if you don’t find a bill for some online purchase you know nothing about on your credit card statement.

While consumers are happy with their credit or debit cards, they are virtually useless when left at home. With PayPal and its unique service features, all consumers have to do is click on the menu, or order the items ahead and pick them up without waiting on a long line at the cashier’s checkout.

Coupon or special offers use

You save more if you have a coupon or special offers which are automatically deducted off your tab. It’s an alternative service that saves time and money while on the go.

The app lets you pay your utility bills, bank loans, even credit cards! Whether you’re buying physically in-store or online, PayPal is a thoughtful payment service and value that will become available in store in more locations here and abroad.

The app aims to capture a wider smartphone consumer base. It’s available for download on  iPhone and Android devices and works with any phone brand and technologies.

Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas

Source: TechNewsWorld

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