Rejuvenation Secrets You Can Do Easily

A Look at Secrets of Rejuvenation: Discovering the Fountain of Youth by Almine

Rejuvenation Secrets You Can Do
Have you ever thought you could be immortal? That aging just wasn’t for you? How about the belief in death as an illusion? These are all perceptions that many would deem fiction and fantasy. However, some well known scientists and metaphysics, philosophers and healers, across the ages have taught of the possibility of transcending death and full body rejuvenation. This article takes a look into one book which claims to have the answers: Secrets of Rejuvenation: Discovering the Fountain of Youth by world renowned mystic, author and teacher – Almine. This is a fascinating and rare look at the possibility of whole body rejuvenation by not only approaching the body as a physical vehicle which turns to decay, but as a multi-faceted vessel which, when holistically addressed, can remain pristine. This book offers rejuvenation secrets you and I can do.

A most extraordinary quote by the author begins the book: “Over recent ages, internal mastery has abdicated in favor of external technology. Remembrance of eternal life as the natural state of every creature has yielded to a careworn acceptance of the illusion of decay as the norm.”  This quote alone points out the possibility that most of us have over-looked in favor of modern technology, that eternal life could be normal.  We hear of this concept and are automatically trained to categorize it in the science fiction portion of our belief system, thinking anything beyond such acceptance would be foolish and even considered mad.

This book begins with a recapitulation of supposed Biblical figures and their believed length of lives, suggesting we are living in the mere shadow of possibility when it comes to longevity.  Apparently, the figure Methuselah lived well over nine hundred years and Abraham’s wife, Sarah, was reported to have conceived a child and birthed after she had “waxed old.” From Genesis chapter 11 Almine quotes:

10 These are the generations of Shem: Shem was an hundred years old and begat Arphaxad two years after the flood.

11 And Shem lived after he begat Arphaxad five hundred years and begat sons and daughters.

12 And Arphaxad lived five and thirty years and begat Salah.

13 And Arphaxad lived after he begat Salah four hundred and three years and begat sons and daughters.

In Secrets of Rejuvenation, physical techniques for body healing and preservation are coupled with ancient teachings of the needful mental states in order to achieve longer lives.  Some of these ancient teachings are derived from known texts, such as the Bible and yogic manuscripts, others come from unfamiliar documents the author describes as The Saradesi Records, apparently given to Almine at some point in her spiritual journey – which may have existed in what is considered Lemurian times.

Ancient Records

Translated from the Saradesi Records: “The great masters birthed themselves out of mortality as soon as they stepped out of their human past.  From long-forgotten origins, wellsprings of resources enliven and wipe the illusions of age from the face.  Newness is eternally reborn.  In balanced levitation and gravitation, longevity finds its eternal root.  Live in now in equilibrium of black and white light that the illusion of limitation may have no hold.”

What a thought!  Age and decay resulting from a limited mind, a boundary on possibility, a clinging to history.  It certainly makes sense, though is so far distant from what our current societies teach.

Longevity Affirmations

The book contains daily affirmations which can be repeated in order to move into a state of timelessness, and therefore reap the benefits of eternal life.  Such affirmations are: “I am renewed and rejuvenated by expressing as the One Life” and “My body is lithe and fit.”  What we repeat mentally becomes our physical experience.  The more we can reprogram our inner thoughts to reflect a new possibility, the more likely we are to see the effects of that in our tangible lives.

Linear Time

She also states that linear time is a cause of aging and decay.  Linear time in the body is felt as tension and effects the body by creating inharmonious frequencies, inflammation and toxicity.  In order to “remove effects of linear time” from the body, Almine makes several suggestions, though warns that these methods will only result in temporary relief until we can “stop resisting life.”

The main suggestion for disconnecting from linear time in order to reconnect with eternal presence is to take a specific segment of ‘time’ such as a few hours, a day or week and disconnect from the world – computer time, cell-phones, t.v., etc.  During this time, cover all the mirrors in the house and stock up on food so as to have no need to go out into the world.  It is suggested to sleep when tired, eat when hungry and do nothing according to the ‘clock’ but rather as felt – as desired.  No reading is recommended during this time as it is to be a time of rest – practicing the art of ‘Be-ing.’  Meditation is not necessary, simply being present with whatever you are doing – art, dining, sleep, body care, dance, singing, etc.

Disconnecting from the group consciousness of humanity requires unfailing trust that beyond the appearances of decay lies a timeless perfection.

Plant Medicine

The author does emphasize that physical body care is just as important as emotional, mental and spiritual body care.  In fact, it is the fault of focusing on the physical alone, in attempts to ‘youthen’ the body that does not offer the results desired.  One must take the entire being into consideration, including thoughts, emotions and depth of surrender to the moment.  She speaks of plants as being holders of specific vibrations or frequencies, which, when lacking in our body, can be supplemented – or balanced out – with the use of these marvelous life forms.

Wherever diseases exist, a lack of harmonious frequencies can be found in the body.  Plants providing missing frequencies can therefore restore health.  The plant kingdom represents the resource for adjusting frequency.

Physically supportive elements mentioned in this book in order to encourage body rejuvenation are the use of antioxidants such as rich colored plants: blueberries, pomegranates, goji berries, carrots as well as rich foods in general: avocado, olives, nuts and seeds.  The incorporation of certain grains which she refers to as ‘non-hostile’ such as amaranth and quinoa are recommended.  Other beneficial foods are raw apple cider vinegar, taken at the dose of a tablespoon daily and stevia as a sweetener.

Hormone Replacement

Almine advises against the use of hormone replacement therapy as a supposed cure or help for menopausal symptoms.  She suggests acupuncture for hot flashes and the use of natural pregnenolone for balance.  She says of hormone replacement therapy: “Expect adverse effects whenever something synthetic is injected into the human body, for it violates the frequency of human life.  Instead, consider the use of that which stimulates the body’s own normal functions and productivity.”

Wrinkles and oils

Wrinkles are addressed by how to go about preventing them such as using the pulp of the papaya fruit as a mask.  She also recommends the use of essential oils which not only help the physical body, but address the psychology of a person so as to retain youthfulness verses the ‘norm’ of aging.  Eucalyptus globulus, for example, is said to have the benefit of helping one to create new paradigms, which would definitely be useful in shifting from the belief in aging to a possibility of living eternally.  Lemongrass is supposed to carry the youthening frequency of praise and Grapefruit assists one in the resurrection of innocence – be as a little child.

Other therapies are suggested such as movement, LED light therapy, homeopathy and the use of enzyme rich fermented foods.

In closing, Almine suggests that at this point in the dream of what we call reality, we are bringing balance, finally, to the “most primary element in creation – Matter.”  According to this rich source of information, each one of us can find full body rejuvenation through simple practices that go beyond just proper eating and exercise.  It is important to look at the mental and emotional sphere as well when desiring to extend the life.  Our beliefs largely shape our experiences, so as we release that which we ‘thought was’ for what ‘could be’, the possibility for living a life stretching beyond mortal boundaries can be realized.  Almine does a very thorough job describing techniques and mental follies we can rise above in order to become more than we currently are experiencing, individually and collectively.  This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in extending life and increasing the quality thereof.  It is especially potent for those with an interest in stretching beliefs in what is possible.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Secrets of Rejuvenation