Robert Kennedy Jr. Diary Details Sex Scorecard, Infidelity and ‘Lust Demons’

Robert Kennedy Jr. Diary Details Sex Scorecard, Infidelity and ‘Lust Demons’

The New York Post has broken an unbelievable story. A copy of Robert Kennedy Jr.’s diary was leaked to their offices. Inside is an incredibly detailed accounting of Kennedy’s infidelities, along with a scorecard numbered from 1-10 next to each woman’s name. A “10” would indicate he “went all the way” with the woman. One day, he lists three women, with a two, a three and a 10 next to each respective name. Throughout the diary, he speaks candidly of battling with “lust demons” and welcomes time he spent in jail because there, he was safe from his urges.

During his time in jail, he notes his relief at the lack of temptation, and writes “I’m so content here. I have to say it. There’s no women. I’m happy! Everybody here seems happy. It’s not ­misogyny. It’s the opposite! I love them too much.” The diary details romps with 37 women, and 16 of them have a 10 next to their name.

A reporter from the New York Post held an interview with Kennedy on Friday, in which Kennedy denied that the diary was his. However, the Post said it has examined the diary and that Mary Richardson Kennedy, Kennedy’s late wife, had previously discovered it inside her home. Mary Richardson Kennedy, in despair over Kennedy’s affairs and a messy divorce, hanged herself at home in Bedford, NY last year. She had been suffering from depression and alcoholism, a fact mentioned only very briefly in the diary.

Mary Richardson Kennedy had revealed to a friend that her husband’s constant cheating was one of the major issues that led to the downfall of the marriage. In the diary, Kennedy says he was seduced by all of the women. He refers to this as being “mugged” by them. On some days, he scrawled the word “victory” in the margins to indicate he resisted being “mugged.”

Peppered throughout the diary, there are mentions of God and Kennedy’s own feelings of guilt over his behavior. While he expresses love for his wife in some sections, he seems oblivious to her suffering, and mentions her problems rarely, instead referring to her as “cheerful” and “wonderful.”

He cites God as having occasionally given him the strength to resist being led into temptation, writing, “I narrowly escaped being mugged by a double team of [two women]. It was tempting but I prayed and God gave me the strength to say no.”

Kennedy joins a long line of family philanderers. JFK was a well-known cheater, and his wife Jacqueline, may have known all about it. A book entitled These Few Precious Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie claims that Marilyn Monroe called Jacqueline Kennedy and revealed everything about JFK’s abundant extramarital dalliances. Other historians, too, have said that Jackie knew about her husband’s philandering ways but chose to accept her lot in life.

The Kennedy patriarch, Joe Kennedy, was rumored to have had affairs with Gloria Swanson, numerous other screen starlets, and his secretaries. The sex scandals amongst all of the other Kennedys are too numerous to count.

This new diary, uncovered by the New York Post, will certainly give historians a new wellspring of information to dissect when it comes to tallying the Kennedy penchant for extramarital adventures.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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