Same-Sex Marriage – a Viewpoint

same-sex marriage

I hate to sound like someone living in the past but I find something greatly disturbing about same-sex marriage. Granted, I’m not on any bandwagon against it; I don’t campaign in the street at a little table passing out leaflets.

But I think of the Roman Civilization and when it was going downhill; there was an accompanying rise in homosexuality. Every great civilization on its way out will trend toward this great change in relationships between the sexes.

Please understand I am not trying to save the world by pushing my own view of this area of life; I’m simply observing what’s occurring, based on what has occurred in the past several centuries. Nor am I shunning homosexuals in any way; they have every right to live as well as anyone else.

I’m not even against they’re having children. There’s plenty of very unhappy, disturbed children coming out of heterosexual families. As well, I’ve seen some very happy, very loved children in gay families. The bottom line is – how much does that couple love the child?

However, I cringe at the idea of gay marriage because I simply cannot see marriage other than between a man and a woman; anything else is a travesty, a joke. I do agree, though, they should be entitled to the same legal rights as straight people, especially when there are children involved.

Getting more to my point, the world is like a giant organism. The individual, as one, single organism, is trying to survive as best he/she can. We try to eat well; sleep well; make money; take care of our families; do a good job, etc.

However, all too tragically, in many cases, people get sick and too old to take care of themselves; they lose their purpose in life. In short, time to pack it in. As a result, the organism will start to break down, literally, because it decided to.

What is actually happening is this organism is making room for a new organism to enter the scene and go through the same cycle of birth on through to death.

On a much grander scale, the planet is doing the same thing. It has gone on for so many centuries and for various reasons, including or possibly mostly due to, the shocking and unrestrained rise of evil in this world, it is folding up and dying.

You may wonder what I’m saying here; what does this viewpoint have to do with same-sex marriage?

Well, when an organism is dying, it stops procreating. Can’t argue with that, right? Well, if you apply this concept to the world, you might see how much procreation is in deep trouble these days.

Take abortion. I’m not going to say there aren’t legitimate reasons for a woman to have an abortion; I’m not on a bandwagon about that either. But when a law is being considered which would allow a baby to be aborted after it’s born, I would say, for this reason alone, this planet is on its way out.

Then there’s psychiatric drugs which are deliberately being used to make people insane, zombies or simply dead.  Another blow at procreation.

Let’s take another insidious plan to do away with much of the population – genetically modified foods.  They have been proven to destroy fertility in many women or cause premature births. How many babies will be born in that scenario? In fact, the rate of miscarriages has gone up dramatically.

This leads me to my last example which is that if there is a great rise in homosexuality, there are less babies born. Simple.

Again, I am not trying to ban gay people so we will have more babies; that‘s not the point. I’m saying that by transferring the sanctity of marriage onto homosexuals, we are making something sacred which does not put a future civilization there through the birth of children. Marriage between a man and a woman is actually a very practical arrangement because it does give us a future civilization.

There’s far too much attention on the issue of gay marriage; I choose not to pay any attention to it, other than what I’ve written here and to make my point.

However, by putting my thoughts down, I’ve come to realize fully what is important. And that is: every person I come in contact with is an awesome being, regardless of their sexual preference. Every one of us needs love, guidance, care, friendship. That’s really all that matters. You can’t save the whole planet or change it except by seeing who is in front of you. I mean the real person.

Same-sex marriage or not, if we did that, the world would get better miraculously – a viewpoint you can accept or reject as you have every right to.


Written by Lucille Femine