Sandra Bullock Would Give Everything Up for Adopted Son Louis

Sandra Bullock Would Give Everything Up for Adopted Louis

Gravity star, Sandra Bullock, 49, spoke out about her life since the arrival of her adopted son, Louis.  In an interview with Vogue Magazine, the unassuming and very bankable Hollywood star, who drew an accumulation of $3.5 billion to the box office to date, sat in her flower store-cum-gourmet eatery in Austin, Texas, as she spoke about her love for her adopted son, Louis, for whom she later revealed she would give everything up for.

Although Bullock has a home in California, she seems to be spending more and more time in Austin, where she feels she can be herself and get on with real life.  Not only does she own Walton’s Fancy and Staple, the flower store and bakery that sells gourmet sandwiches, and a place that Jason Gay from Vogue likened to an establishment he could see James Stewart taking his beau out to on a first date, she also owns a law office-turned bistro, named Bess, which is located a little further down the same road.

Ms. Bullock spoke of how she really has little control of her acting career and how she feels like a tiny cog in a massive machine that needs a little “chemistry and divine intervention” to work, but as far as her Austin lifestyle and businesses go, she feels she could claim proper ownership.  She said that where her acting career used to be her life previously, now she has no reason to leave home.

At the center of her world now, is her adorable three-year old son, Louis, whom Bullock adopted in 2010, from New Orleans.  Although his adoption was planned a long time ago, it has been suggested that the inspiration came from her role in The Blind Side.

Nevertheless, Ms. Bullock seems to be having such a wonderful time being a mother to her three-year old and has said that if she were suddenly offered five more kids, she would be completely okay with that too.

What did concern her though, was the way in which she suggested that the movie business, presumably Hollywood itself, could take a kid’s childhood away too quickly.  She expressed further concerns that whatever pressures she is enduring in the industry, that they do not impact on Louis, otherwise at that point, it would be time for her to leave the business and give everything up for him.  She would even be prepared to move away to Alaska, just to get out of the limelight.

Rumors have been developing on a regular basis, surrounding her private life, with recent speculation about her dating her married security guard, Peter Weireter and even oldest and best friend, George Clooney.  Bullock says that she finds this frustrating and sometimes hurtful, particularly to those she is close to and cares about and that this is causing her to question whether she really wants to remain in the spotlight for much longer.  It has often been said that if one begins to find a reason to complain about a long-term situation, it means it might be time to get out.

Sandra Bullock Would Give Everything Up for Adopted Louis

Ms. Bullock also put the kibosh on rumors surrounding her dating George Clooney, by claiming that the two actors are far too similar in character to become romantically involved.  She told Jay Leno that although they attend many parties together, they were probably the oldest Hollywood friends who had not dated, but declined to go into exactly how long they had known each other.  As they grow ever older, the time span of their friendship seems to be growing remarkably shorter.

Bullock’s adopted son, Louis has also forged a close bond with Clooney, so much so that she joked that if Louis had to ever choose between Clooney and herself, he would be sure to choose Clooney.  The same can be said of her friend, Rande Gerber, husband of supermodel, Cindy Crawford.  “Where’s George and Rande?” Little Louis would ask her.  When she asked why, he would reply, “I need them.”  So Bullock would do the dutiful thing and take Louis to have his male bonding session further reinforced by her best male friends, suggesting Louis’ need for a steady male role model of his own in his life.

For the grounded Hollywood actor, who would do anything for her much-loved adopted son, perhaps the words she spoke to Leno are still echoing in her head and maybe, just maybe, she does realize Louis’ ever-growing need to surround himself with a more permanent and steady male role model.  However, at this rate, it is looking less and less likely that she would stay in the industry, should it have a negative impact on Louis, in which case, don’t be too surprised if you do hear that Sandra Bullock were to move to Austin or Alaska and give everything up for Louis.

Written by: Brucella Newman


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