Scarlett Johansson Engaged but Next Big Move May Not be Marriage

Scarlett Johansson Engaged but her Next Big Move May Not be Marriage

As news breaks of Scarlett Johansson’s engagement, the Daily Mail UK reports that she may be eyeing a move into politics. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Scarjo coyly said she may consider throwing herself into politics. “Do I imagine myself having a full-on political career? That seems like a stretch. But who knows? I don’t limit the possibilities. If I have more time, I may be able to lend a bigger voice to politics. I never close the door on those kinds of things.” Her next big move may not be marriage.

Johansson has a long history of being active in politics, lending her sexy star power to various campaigns, including President Obama’s latest run for office. She says she is descended from a long line of passionately political people and that the health and security of the United States is of particular concern to her.

“I come from a politically active family,” she told Harper’s Bazaar, “To be an active member of the community, to be a responsible citizen and to engage politically have always been part of my awareness and part of my life. More than anything else, I believe that if everyone exercised the right to vote, the right choice would be made by the nation as a whole.”

Johansson is currently enjoying the lovely and picturesque town of Venice, where she is busy promoting her new movie, Under the Skin. It’s described on Twitter as “sexy and disturbing.” She plays an alien who is responsible for supplying a company with human skin, which she obtains by kidnapping male hitchhikers.

Of the new film, she says “It’s so weird; I’ve never been in a movie where the logline of the movie, where the plot has been so twisted. It’s crazy. (People ask me) ‘Are you eating people on the side of the road?’ I’m like, No, no! OK, yes I do play an alien who is wearing my own skin. But it’s actually not a science-fiction film; it’s sort of a film that asks existential questions and much more complex than the logline.”

Johansson’s politics run along a Democratic, liberal line. If Hillary Clinton should run for president, expect to see Scarlett Johansson out on the campaign trail. “I think Hillary Clinton would make a wonderful president,” said Scarjo. “I think we could only benefit from having someone in office who has been a mother. Women have a different perspective and appreciation of humanity because of that maternal instinct … [Clinton] can only be a step forward.”

If Johansson were to make the leap from acting into politics, she would follow a long line of actors-turned-politicians including Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Stein and many others. What would it be like to have a President Johansson in the White House? Would any of her cabinet members be able to concentrate?

Scarlett Johansson may be engaged, but her next big move may not be marriage. She may be abandoning her sex-kitten starlet status and trading in her bombshell persona for a life in the shark-infested political spectrum. She’d better conjure all the kick-a** skills she’s learned while filming movies if she wants make it in the world of Washington.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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