Siri Has a Competitor in Halo with Cortana

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With a sultry voice that has guided Master Chief, Cortana will be expanding beyond the console level of play and interaction. Now, customers can be MC as they turn to the digital beauty right from their Windows Phone 8.1 and other Microsoft devices. While Cortana is rumored to be a voice assistant, tech outlets have reported she could also be the cloud that encompasses all Microsoft embedded devices.

Cortana, states an unnamed source, will be a vamped up version of Apple’s Siri voice assistant. If Microsoft enacts the Satori technology process, the rumors may just be right. Microsoft’s search engine Bing relies on this technology to deliver not only results, but specific links and expanded content.

In July, Stefan Weitz the senior developer of Bing sat down with CNET and stated both Google and Apple made their voice digital assistants “shallow” to the understanding of the world. Weitz stated that Microsoft is crafting not only a competitor but a leader in voice assistance with Cortana. The Windows giant has big plans to step over the shoulders of both Siri and Google Now.

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft is not yet off the corporate ladder, and has spoken about the simplicity of a more streamlined process. He touted this process will be the integration future of Microsoft. This could be the starting point, by initating AI ability within Cortana to work across the PC, Windows phones and Xbox. This move will enthrall gamers who have become dedicated to the landmark Halo series. In providing a more cohesive application like Cortana, Microsoft can see brand dedication expanding beyond the console.

Leaked images of Windows 8.1 show the Cortana app
Leaked images of Windows 8.1 show the Cortana app

Halo 4 is due for a possible release this year. Videos have popped up showing Cortana speaking to Master Chief, indicating a final encounter. This has led many tech outlets to ponder if Microsoft added a romantic twist on the departure of the AI assistant from game play to the entire Microsoft collection.

Rumors throughout the industry indicate Cortana will enhance the already enabled voice commands. She will be able to adjust to a user’s habits and determine their next steps for searches and voice compatibility.  Leaks of the Windows Phone 8.1 show Microsoft is at the very least, testing the technology for a future release date.

The tech giant has advised they would not rush out a voice assistant and would rather take the time to perfect it prior to releasing to consumers. Microsoft’s Cortana AI experience can create the difference of brand commitment to the public. More than likely gamers will be able to interact with the voice assistant and inquire about the games their friends are playing currently, by adding IDs.

Once the technology encompasses the process of PC, console and phone – it’s predicted more users will opt to have the devices in their home for a compatible process of transferring information by voice with Cortana. Microsoft is looking to dominate in a new way of interaction and in all honesty? It’s about time.

The company has the advantage of what Google and Apple do not; they have a dedicated game created from within their own technological warehouse. They have a concept of reaching millions of players. Switching the dynamic to the gamers and formatting concepts, materials and AIs around that appeal can really bring a new boost in sales for Windows phones which commonly fall victim to Google and Apple.

Microsoft is teasing at hints surrounding Cortana, including her curious communication with Master Chief in Halo 4. If Cortana moves onto the Microsoft platform and becomes a universal AI for users to communicate with, the company can tip the scales favorably their way. Curious gamers may be willing to part from Apple and Siri to remain dedicated to their brand. Considering the recent bonding of Nokia and Microsoft, this rumor may soon come to fruition.


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