Sleepy Hollow Premier Review

Sleepy Hollow: Premiere Review

For those of you that got to watch the Sleepy Hollow Premiere episode, or for those that watched it this morning on Hulu, we were introduced to a new, but familiar story.

It was a pleasant surprise to see how well the episode was done. The writing was pretty good, even with some campy kind of puns about the horseman, and the dialogue between the main characters, Ichabod Crane and Lt. Abby Mills, wasn’t bad. Despite the strangeness and supernatural nature of the show, there was a certain amount of reality to much of the dialogue. There was no instant ‘we are on the same page’ moment as a plot device to get the main characters to work together.

The episode was a bit ambitions in what the writers wanted to cover in order to setup the series, but it was not slow or boring. We were given a tiny taste of all that the show promises to give from historical secrets, witches (both good and evil), and the supernatural headless horseman, Death. There is also hints of a further conspiracy, but it was only hinted at.

There are many familiar elements to the story: like the X Files-esk dynamic between Ichabod and Abby, the apocalyptic approach that can be avoided by the main characters, magic, witches, and demons. Something new, Washington’s magic bible that is helping Crane make sense of the situation in which he finds himself, not to mention his witch wife that is trapped in some other realm reachable by dreams.

It seems that the town of Sleepy Hollow, along with the whole Hudson River Valley, sits at a place of contention for the survival of the human race and the world at large. This is apparently why there were battles fought there during the Revolutionary War and where Ichabod and the Horseman became entwined.

The great scene in this first episode was when the Headless Horseman arms himself with modern day weaponry and starting shooting it out with the police. An incident, by the way, that serves as the plot device to keep the main characters together. It allows Ichabod to not be locked up and forgotten in an insane asylum. It allows Abby to stay in Sleepy Hollow, finding a larger mystery to be a part of than going to the FBI.

If the numbers are to be believed, Sleepy Hollow is Fox’s best premiere of a new show in six years. Depending on how it unfolds, it could end up staying for a few seasons, but Fox is also notorious for canceling a show at the slightest drop in where they think it should be. Fire Fly is the most notable casualty to Fox’s erratic decision making, but so far it seems as though Sleepy Hollow has the right numbers.

Even though there are many reviewers jeering at the show’s first episode, the premiere episode has fulfilled its intention, it has people interested. Even though we may be able to discern some of the larger pattern to the genre, the new twists and turns are something to look forward to. Sleepy Hollow definitely has potential.

Written by: Iam Bloom

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