Sleepy Hollow: Premiere

Sleepy Hollow: Premiere


Being a fan of all things fantastic and science fiction-ish, there is a little excitement to see what Fox’s Sleepy Hollow will be able to do. If the other reviews are to be believed, it will not be a dull trip into the modern day story originally penned by Washington Irving some 193 years ago.

The teasers leave much up in the air, I’ve watched them a few times preparing for tonights premiere. We have a young solider, Ichabod Crane, fighting along side General Washington during the Revolutionary War. Crane wakes up in modern day Sleepy Hollow where he is arrested shortly after waking up from his long nap.

It sounds familiar, even though the studios haven’t quite formalized the hybrid genera of supernatural, old fiction ideas, and fantasy. We will seem to have a Mulder and Scully-esk duo for the show, where Crane is the believer trying to show the skeptic, Lt Abby Mills, the truth.

Again, in the vein of shows like Grimm, Once Upon a Time, and such movies as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and the National Treasure franchise, there is a lot more going on than it first appears. While the basic premise of Irving’s short story remains intact, a man named Ichabod Crane is fighting a Headless Horseman, the story diverges from there.

Sleepy Hollow: PremiereThe most obvious part of the story is that of a man displaced in time. An 18th century man, a soldier in fact, thrown into the midst of the 21st century. It seems rather apparent that this fact will play into the humor and dialogue of the first few episodes, at least. There is something slightly similar to another show that took a similar premise further, New Amsterdam, but while the main character in that show never died, we have the change to no sense of place in time as Crane is suddenly walking around with cars, lights, and all manor of strangeness.

I suppose we shall see how quickly he can adjust to the new time and place in which he finds himself. This seems to play into the choice of female lead, an African-American woman who is a detective, Lt Abby Mills, all things that would seem to throw the displaced 18th century man out of his comfort zone. Again, it’s a joke that can only go on for so long, if the writers can adjust to it as Crane grows in knowledge and experience it could work, however. Like having someone always adjusting to the American way of life and American ideoms, much like Zeva David in NCIS.

Yet, by all accounts the man out of time hook is relatively minor in comparison to the rest of the story. By accounts there will be a lot more supernatural than a simple headless killer. There will be witches, conspiracies, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, not to mention an unfolding of what really happened during the founding of the United States, all with a slightly ‘doom-is-approaching’ feel.

Can Sleepy Hollow deliver? Or will it be another bright flicker before ending unceremoniously? Perhaps it will have some longevity, like Supernatural, but only time and viewership will tell. Either way, I am excited for the attempt and to see how much they can pack into the premiere.

Written by: Iam Bloom

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