Smoking Relief Through Your Feet

Smoking Relief through the feet
Whether or not you are a smoker, everyone could use a good detox now and again. Many people avoid such a process due to the either imagined or previously experienced discomforts of said actions. Detoxification is an important measure to consider, especially if you are trying to quit smoking or rid yourself of any prescription medications or negative emotions. What would you say if you were told it was possible to obtain relief from the toxins of smoking and all other harmful substances and emotions through your feet? Would you think it possible?

Known from as far back as Shakespeare’s time and famous for two main attractions, racehorses and mineral springs, Epsom England has named a specific kind of magnesium rich salt which has been known to detox the body by the simple act of soaking in it. The amazing part is, you don’t even have to immerse yourself completely- though it is lovely to. You can just pop your feet in a tub filled with hot water and a cup or two of these amazing salts, and presto – let the detoxification begin!

Hot water alone will bring unwanted substances to the surface of the skin and is why a hot bath always feels so great and relaxing. Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) will pull toxins out through the skin and send in wonderful magnesium for relaxing the muscles and the reduction of swelling.

It is recommended to soak 20 minutes per day in approximately 1-2 cups of Epsom salts (and 1 cup of baking soda- if desired), in order to activate the detoxification process. For one day per week, switch to a bath in a cup of raw apple cider vinegar and water – for a little integration time and a break for your system. During the detox process you may notice flu-like symptoms as your body seeks to rid itself of substances which do not serve the health of the body.

If you are familiar with a dry brush, you will definitely want to complement your soaking therapy with a good skin brush. If you are unfamiliar, dry brushing refers to the use of natural bristle brushes on the skin before and after the use of water. This removes dead skin cells and encourages circulation in the skin and the rest of the body and feels exhilarating!

The magnesium in Epsom salts is useful for so many things, as it is thought that a large portion of the population is deficient in this important mineral. Smokers and non-smokers alike will benefit from the addition of a nice mineral salt bath to a daily or weekly ritual for good health. If you are experiencing high blood pressure, dizziness, anxiety, nausea, poor memory, confusion, muscle cramps or type 2 diabetes, you may have a magnesium deficiency and could greatly benefit from an Epsom salt bath.

Obtain smoking relief along with a variety of other amazing benefits through the simple act of soaking your feet. Not only will you feel relaxed and renewed, your body will thank you for helping to relieve it from harmful toxins and chemical residues which affect both the body and the mind. Pick up a bag of Epsom salts at your local drug store today. They are more inexpensive than a magnesium supplement, and more enjoyable to use. You won’t be sorry. If anything, you will be sighing with deep pleasure and gratitude at your new found pleasure!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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