South America: Life in Peru (Videos)



Life in South America is much like the rest of the world, with their economic and social issues. They are a diverse continent of many religions, colors and ethnicity. They are technologically advanced and up and coming with new ideas and contributions to the world. Their history, cuisine and landscape is what sets them apart from the usual stereo type of coffee beans and llamas, and their attention to detail has spanned the ages. Let’s venture on down to the of country Peru and take a look.

Peru is located on the western border of the South American continent and is neighbors with Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Columbia. Its beaches look westward towards the setting sun above the Pacific Ocean and its eastern border digs deep into the rain forest of the Amazon River. Peru is rich in natural elements such as copper, zinc and gold and has been home to the production of cocaine. Unrest in the country has resulted in scams of money laundering with the front of gold mining, using the common compound of calcium oxide. Many arrests have been made, which has given Peru a bad name in the world, but it still remains a beautiful place in the world beyond the troubles.

In South America, Peru stands out with its natural wonders and breath-taking views from the Andean mountains and great architectural creations. The Incan history is still evident with fine craftsmanship, artistry and music. The food is derived from centuries of blended cultures that delight the palate and senses. Influences from the European travelers that joined the native Peruvians still plays out today from their heritage of the Spanish and Amerindians.

Natural waterfalls and exotic animals are just some of the appreciated welcomes and benefits of the country, as well as the famous tourist destination of Machu Picchu. The heart will race and the soul is surely to fall in love once again as it is all taken in. The following video is from Machu Picchu, an ancient community of over 200 buildings on terraces over looking the world beyond:

If time and money allow, a South American venture should be on everyone’s bucket list. With the lush rain forests and fresh mountain air, the temperatures in Peru can range from very cold to very hot. Extreme degrees also come with steep climbing for villagers, as they carry on their task of living. The natural habitat welcomes meditation and appreciation for the risk taking daily life of the Peruvian. They keep on track with their ideals as the modern world digs deeper into their natural beings.

Life in South America is much the same as in most of the world, but lagging behind a little provides more time to look around and smell the coffee. In Peru, they enjoy a good mix of life and working hard as industries and technology continue to advance. Peru is one of the United States’ main traders with their exports of ores, textiles and fishmeal. Life in South American is going strong. Life in Peru is a treasure that has lasted for centuries. It gives way to pondering, as they invite the world to their homeland, to enjoy a gorgeous waterfall. Take a few minutes to savor a taste of nature. Gocta Fall, Peru:

Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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