Stir Kinetic Desk is the Desk of the Future

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It’s becoming more widely recognized and accepted that too much sitting on your butts is bad for your health. It’s often of late been compared to the dangers of smoking cigarette butts, and studies have show that too much sitting can lead to an early grave. That’s why Stir’s Kinetic Desk was invented, the desk of the future — to get you on your feet, even at your office job, get you healthier, and force you to cut out the cat-naps and get your heads off your desks!

The Stir Kinetic Desk is much more than just a desk which you stand at while you work –well, maybe not much more than that; but, it is powered by a thermostat, so, there’s that….

The Stir Kinetic Desk has advanced features, and it is touch-screen enabled. It even lets you know when it’s finally okay to get off your feet and sit your buttocks back down, for the oh-so-brief few moments of respite that you’ll likely be praying for.

This “Desk o’ the Future” utilizes a built-in thermal sensor that will let you know when to sit and when to stand. It’s the General Payne or Sergeant Slaughter of office furniture.

The Stir Kinetic Desk will then let you know how many calories all of your sitting and standing has burnt up. Of course, if you happen to be also stuffing your face with doughnuts as you either sit and/or stand, your individual results might vary.

A single cable powers the desk. There is just one button, and it’s located on its side. You can use it to switch between two modes, either active or regular. You can switch between using the office furniture as a standing desk, which is 51 inches high; or, you can choose to use it as a sitting desk, if you lower it until it’s 25 inches off the ground.

Everyone needs goals, right?

Well, with the Stir Kinetic Desk, you can set individual goals, like standing for a quarter of the day, or moving the desk up or down an inch or two, so you can then alter your posture in response, while still working your little fingers off and not wasting valuable company time and money.

This truly amazing piece of office equipment will even breath in air, robbing you of precious oxygen — who needs oxygen, though?

The desk has two motors on its legs which power it to move up or down. All it takes is a simple double-tap of the monitor’s touchscreen.

Here’s something else cool that the desk has — Wi-Fi, and you can synch the desk’s Bluetooth capabilities to your “fitness and wellness apps.” It’s enough to make you feel like you’ve just purchased a gym membership, especially when you see the price tag of one of these office furniture beauties: $3,890.

JP Labrosse is the inventor of this clever piece of furniture, so take that, IKEA. Labrosse, previously, is perhaps best known as one of the people who collaborated on the original iPod.

The desk has four AC ports and two USB ports, and it has storage capabilities to hide away any unsightly wires. Since the desk can only support 75 pounds, it’s best if you don’t attempt to sit upoon the top of it, or you and your computer might crash.

In 2012, a study in the “Journal of Physical Activity and Health” suggested that standing desks might even be beneficial to raise the activity levels of children. Student with these sorts of desks burned up more calories. using a standing desk may be a great way to increase physical activity in children. That study was conducted to positively affect the adolescent obesity epidemic in young adults in America. Results showed — unsurprisingly — that students with standing position desks burned more calories.

One person who tried out the Stir Kinetic Desk was Gina Trapani, who blogs about technology upon occasion.

Gina wrote that, from standing alone, she lost “3 to 5 pounds.” One drawback is that if a person stands and sits too much, Trapani notes that both can cause spider veins to develop.

Even having a desk as modernistic as the Stir Kinetic Desk, Labrosse admits, doesn’t mean that you should neglect having a regular workout routine and exercising outside of your work environment.

Is the Stir Kinetic Desk for you? If you spend your working days cooped up in an office, chained to a desk, you might as well make it as healthy of an experience as you can; so, if your company can afford them, these desks could be a boon, and they might very well become the desks of the future.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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