Tebow Detours Career After Patriots Decide They Are Not the Way

Tebow Detours Career After Patriots Decide They Are Not The Way
My wife and I sat in the stands and watched as Tim Tebow pulled out a victory toward the end of the 2010 season. It was all a surreal experience at that game as the Broncos beat the Houston Texans 24-23 to win their 4th and final game of the season. Sitting in the epicenter of a crazed city that loves their football heroes, I knew we were witnessing the start of something special with this quarterback from Florida. In the 43 seasons since the AFL/NFL merger Denver fans have only had to endure 3 years where the team drops a 10th loss to make the campaign a waste of time. 2010 was that 3rd time so fans were not excited about about anything but the promise of what Tim could offer the Bronco Nation of Colorado. If only Tebow had been put in sooner in the year, maybe things would be different today as he and his faithful wonder what is next after the Patriots make the call to only carry two QBs.

The stadium had the feel of the glory days of the franchise and there was to be more of that ahead as he would lead them to the playoffs in 2011. Linda and I were also at the season’s spectacular Jets upset on a Thursday night when Tim overcame a lot to earn an even bigger following after the prime-time showcase.

It’s sad to see him struggle after the perfect storm of Peyton Manning’s availability met the chink in Tebow’s armor of a low percentage of completed passes. I’ll always wonder what it would have been like to watch Tim continue his efforts to overachieve instead of the team’s under-achievements without him. I know it is only a matter of time before somebody else takes a look at him and if the past week of Matt Leinart is any indication of what teams think is out there to pick from he may be adding to his win totals soon.

His faith inspires me more than anything else he could accomplish on-field and there is little doubt his future is bright with or without a number on his back.

Written By: Scott Perry