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Tim Tebow has reportedly turned down offers to play other positions after the quarterback was released by New England this year.
Tim Tebow has reportedly turned down offers to play other positions after the quarterback was released by New England this year.

Tim Tebow may be the most discussed third string quarterback to ever fail to make an NFL roster. After the former Heisman Trophy winner out of Florida was released by the New England Patriots following the completion of the preseason, the world has been trying to figure out what is next for the 26 year old Tebow.

The latest update is that he has no plans to change anything about his game, he will play quarterback, and he will do it in the NFL. Nothing else is an option in his mind.

Looking at his frame, 6’3″ 236 pounds, Tebow is built more like a linebacker than a quarterback. He is a muscular man whose strength allowed him to run through defenders while with Denver, and his 4.7 40 speed enabled him to be an effective rusher.

A player with those intangibles, and Tebow’s horrible throwing motion, would not even be considered as a quarterback at the draft combine today. But that player would stand a good chance at being successful as say, a tight end or even Peyton Hillis type halfback. Fullback is not out of the question either, former great Mike Alstott was only 12 pounds heavier during his illustrious playing days.

Yet Tim Tebow has no interest in playing anything other than quarterback at the NFL level after being cut by the Patriots. According to SI’s Peter King on NBC’s 2013 NFL Kickoff show, Tebow has turned down offers to play in the NFL at a position that is not quarterback.

Canadian Football League officials have also inquired about acquiring Tebow’s services without avail.

He also apparently has turned down an offer to play rugby. USA Rugby CEO and President Nigel Melville Tweeted to Tebow “@TimTebow – we should talk about our global game! @USARugby” on Saturday, however the quarterback apparently is not interested in changing games.

It’s hard to fault a man for giving up on his dreams, but Tebow’s NFL days certainly look to be over after failing to beat out Ryan Mallet for the right to back up Tom Brady this season in New England. King gives the chance of Tebow playing quarterback in the NFL again at “50-50” but added that Tebow is “going to work right now. He’s down in Florida, he’s going to try to work right now, and he’s going to try to work this whole offseason at just the real basic fundamentals of it all.”

A sensation that has sputtered since his magical season in Denver, Tim Tebow remains steadfast in his desire to play quarterback in the NFL. After being cut by New England, he is down but not out in his mind and wants nothing more than an opportunity to prove he has what it takes to succeed at football’s highest level.

Charlie Gille

Senior Sports Editor

The Guardian Express

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