Teen Wolf Alpha Pack

Teen Wolf Alpha Pack


The MTV supernatural drama Teen Wolf’s newest episode, Alpha Pack, begins where the previous episode left off. The Darach has been revealed to be Jennifer Blake, Scott has gone off with Deucalion to try and save his mother, and Cora remains unconscious and dying.

The plot continues to thicken as more of the pieces are moved into place. Two of the three guardians have been taken, the third one is called out to be Chris Argent (Allison’s father).

The opening to the eleventh episode of season three starts in the hospital where Stiles has remained in order to help keep the police from getting too curious. However, the law enforcement troubles only thicken when an FBI agent shows up. Stiles knows who he is, but it isn’t revealed that it’s Scott’s father until just before the end of the episode.

The Argents, along with Isaac, decide to try and find Jennifer in order to find Stiles’ and Scott’s parents. But, Chris decides to give himself to Jennifer in order to place him near the other two sacrifices, leaving Allison and Isaac alone. With her third sacrifice in hand, Jennifer seems positioned to complete her murderous ritual in order to face Deucalion and the rest of the Alpha pack.

Derek is trying to figure out how to save Cora, without Jennifer’s help it does not seem to be very likely. Until, that is, Peter tells him about how he’s heard that you can heal a member of your pack as an alpha, but at the cost of his alpha power. Derek decides that the power and position of Alpha is no longer important to him, the only thing that matters is trying to save his sister. It ends with him trying to cure her and we watch his eyes fade from red to blue, but no confirmation of he and Cora made it.

Morell is hunted down by the rest of the Alpha pack, presumably to be murdered like the emissaries before her. When Scott and Deucalion join the others, Morell tells everyone about how Deucalion killed Ennis, which may end up putting Kali’s loyalties into question. After Morell is hit with Deucalion’s cane and knocked out of her protective circle, Scott decides that he is going to protect her from the pack.

Stiles seeks out Lidia in an attempt to try and find his dad and the rest of the sacrifices. He is able to place the picture that Lidia keeps drawing as the roots of the Nematon, but no one seems to know where it is. Peter and Derek had the memory of where it was taken from them by Derek’s mother, the only answer seems to come from Dr. Deaton, but requires Scott in order to succeed.

Deaton warns Scott and Stiles that in order to find their parents they will have to be sacrificed in place of them. He goes on to warn them, even though they will only be dead a few seconds, that there is no guarantee that they will come back. Not only that, but they will have a dark scar around their heart for the rest of their lives. (Although what that is going to ultimately mean, we don’t know.) The last warning from Deaton is that this process will give power back to the Nematon, which means it will begin to attract other supernatural creatures. Deaton seems to say that there is a lot more out there than werewolves, kanima, and druids, opening the doors to no end of supernatural creatures.

This particular episode is setting up the mid-season cliff hanger, as we will reach the twelfth episode of the 24-episode season, next week. The stage is set for the battle to begin between Jennifer and Deucalion, but this could turn into a much bigger and deadlier brawl than just the two of them. We still have not seen Scott truly become an Alpha yet, but a lot could end up happening once he, Allison, and Stiles come back from being dead. Perhaps, if Derek is successful in healing Cora and becomes a beta again, Derek, Cora, and Peter will join Scott’s pack once he becomes an alpha.

No indication in the preview of next week’s episode if the parents survive, but Deucalion does say that Jennifer only sacrificed nine people before their fight, which could mean that they live.

Everything seems to be coming together as the last threads of the Darach and the Alpha pack are drawn onward. The third season of Teen Wolf has been exciting and seems to be setting up a much larger story arch, now that we have some background into the Hales and the Argents (which were shown in season one and two respectively). It would seem there are plans, at least in the way the story is unfolding, for a few more seasons at least.

By Iam Bloom