The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards And the Winners Are….(Preview)


Who will be the big winners on the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards this Sunday night? Early indications are that AMC’s  Breaking Bad is going to be one of the big winners, and will take the Emmy award for the Best Drama series.

Breaking Bad is wrapping up its final season, has high ratings, and is blitzing the news with coverage of the final episodes, even running an extended penultimate episode against the Emmys tonight.

Bryan Cranston, who plays the chemistry teacher-turn-meth maker in the series, Walter White, seems to be in the media a lot, and Aaron Paul, who plays his partner-in-crime, Jessie Pinkman, has been getting plenty of attention, himself. Most recently, he appeared as a guest on The Late Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Breaking Bad has been nominated for 13 Emmys this year. The question people probably should be asking is not if the series will will an Emmy; but, more like, exactly how many Emmys will it receive?

Still, Breaking Bad has a lot of competition this year, so nothing is guaranteed.

For instance, the outstanding Netflix series, House of Cards, is also nominated in the Best Drama category. Netflix received 14 nominations in all.  Arrested Development and Hemlock Grove are two other Netflix series which have been nominated for Emmy Awards.

Though Breaking Bad, starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, is the odds-on favorite to win Emmy Award for Best Drama, besides the competition from Netflix, AMC’s Mad Men, PBS’s Downton Abbey, HBO’s Game of Thrones, and Showtime’s Homeland are also up for the Emmy Award for Best Drama.

Which show will win the Emmy Award for Best Comedy series?

This is an Emmy Award which Modern Family (ABC) has won for three straight years, but its victory is by no means assured this year. Series competing against it include The Big Bang Theory (CBS), NBC’s 30 Rock, HBO’s Girls and VEEP,  and Louie (FX), a series which just might surprise many people and take the Emmy.

Since this season was the final one for 30 Rock, which has been around for seven seasons, it might garnish enough votes to make it the winner of the Emmy Award for Best Comedy series. It has three such Emmys already, and Emmy voters may have decided that it should earn another one this year.

However, awards watcher Tom O’Neil believes that the Emmy Award for Best Comedy series will go to Louie.

The Emmy for Best Actor in a comedy Series, according to O’Neil, will likely be won by the star of Louie,   Louis C.K.. He also thinks that Louie stands a good chance to win the Emmy Award for Best Comedy, as well.

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards Show is less than 15 minutes away. Who will be the big winners? Tune in to CBS to find out, then read my review of the show afterwards here!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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